Monday, September 19, 2011

Hard Cor

I hear a rumbling from the west, my friends. There is a storm brewing, a musical tempest with over-sized eyes, gravity-defying hair and flamboyant outfits. Surely this can only signify that the otaku army of the Ultraklystron camp is mobilizing!

For Karl himself this means a leak from his forthcoming release Animatic. The track is "Lifecycle," and it concerns itself with ethical living, a subject that's broached less often that it should be within the confines of hip-hop.

For his longtime collaborator Rai, however, it means something even rarer: a Kickstarter campaign.

The duo is attempting to generate enough capital to streamline the recording, production and distribution of her new album Cor Leonis. With an ultimate goal of 5 grand, it's a pretty hefty undertaking, but anime nerds have nothing if not deep pockets.

In order to help motivate those of the Japanophile set to part with the hard-earned scratch from their Pocky funds, our heroes received a little help from local fan extraordinaire Jarrod in the form of the below handsome video. Give it a look and marvel at the colors of Rai Kamishiro's world.

Literally. 'Cause that shit is orange.

After you've done that, please consider chipping in to help out with the album. She is, after all, the only nerd musician to ever inspire her own religious cult.


Rai Kamishiro said...

Thanks so much for the support Z! :> Keep kicking back that bubble tea and spreading the good word. XD

alienbobz said...

Yeah seriously thanks Z. I really want this album to go through so it helps that you are spreading the word.

Z. said...

Glad to do it, guys! Rai and Karl have been my homies for years, so I really felt like I had to help 'em get the word out.

And for the record, I am always down to kick back a moderately-priced bubble tea. ;)