Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shake It (Like a Cheeseburger)

I've been a big fan of Seattle's heavy-drinkin' hip-hop clique Southside for years now. Thunderball and the boys simply do things differently, they blaze their own trail. From lyrics to instrumentation to… um… promo, Southside always manages to not only be different, but to actually remain entertaining.

Right now the crew is putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming album Science Diction, but they could use some help generating funds for the mastering and duplication of the disc. Now Southside ain't asking for a handout or nothin' – in fact their Kickstarter offers appropriately priced pre-sales of the album and new band swag alongside some other pretty tempting treats. (Shit, dude, if you donate $250 and live in the PacNW they will literally come to your house and play a private show!)

The band's just 4 days out from the deadline, and they're still around $400 short of their goal. So if you can afford to help please do.

Readers unfamiliar with the band or old fans who haven't yet copped it are encouraged to check out the Science Diction promo EP for a taste of the new hotness. And, of course, Seattleites are invited out to the album release party next Thursday, August 4th at Crocodile Café with the big man himself, Billy the Fridge.

You'll wanna be there.

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