Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock Well

In the earliest hours of this AM, nerdy rap mainstay mc chris announced the supporting acts for his fall Race Wars tour. The lineup is, to say the least, inspired:

Obviously another mc chris/MC Lars outing is a big draw, and since truncating the first third of his TeacherRapperHero duties Mega Ran has become even more the epic showman. I'll caution attendees, however, not to write off relative newcomer to the scene Adam WarRock. I had the pleasure of catching him at Nerdapalooza, and, in addition to being a helluva nice cat, he truly commanded the stage during his performance. Shit, he more than held his own during the Dual Core freestyle session as well. (Dude even came correct with a Casey Anthony reference! #topical)

No dates have been announced, but you can be sure mc's people are hashing all that out quickly. Keep an eye on each of the artists' official web presences for further information as it becomes available.

And if the show comes through your burg, definitely make it a point to come out. This lineup is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Jacob Frelinger said...

Have they announced dates for the tour yet? This lineup seems too good to pass up, I just hope it comes close enough to me to go see.

Z. said...

No dates of ticket prices yet, Jacob, but if mc's other tours are any indicator he'll likely be hitting most of the major metropolitan areas.