Monday, May 16, 2011

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 110: The Southern Accents Mixtape

In case you haven't realized, I've been thinking a lot lately about my region. About how the South has shaped me, as well as about how I view it. It took me years to make peace with the fact that I was a nerd, and it's taken even longer to come to grips with my innate southerness.

I don't for a minute think that my particular geographic area is somehow superior to others, but I have also begun to accept that it's also not wholly inferior either. Admittedly, we have a rather sordid past, but so does our nation. So does our world.

I like to think of the current era as the New New South. And unlike previous iteration its strength is a genuine sense of self-awareness. Not an overinflated view of heritage or a skewed personal history, but rather an understanding that we are not our fathers or our father's fathers. We have reached an understanding that there is more to the world than our meager boundaries, so rather than just being simple southerners we simply are.

Nerd music tends to shine when it is inherently nerd rather than intentionally so. The same goes for southern music. Here are some examples of both. It's a selection of geeky music from southern artists that refuses to outright pander to either demographic.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 110: The Southern Accents Mixtape [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 69 MB Running Time: 52:38

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
By this point you all know that a fucked up theme song = a mixtape-style episode, right?

Track 1: Parks and Recreation dialog / DJ Earworm – "If I Were a Free Fallin' Boy"
To me, Tom Petty really defines the contemporary end of the southern musical tradition.

Track 2: The Mudbloods – "Glenrock Falls"
Much like that Petty mash-up, this is actually the kind of song I'd typically reserve for a show closer. Still, it felt pertinent to represent Austin, TX early (and often) in the ep.

Track 3: The Emotron – "Bigger than J.C. (demo)"
Emotron is a notorious live act in the regional music scene.

Track 4: Illbotz – "Ride On to the Real, Death to the Fakers"
I'd like to point out that this joint cribs the musical hook from Drivin' N' Cryin's "Fly Me Courageous" and the ending lyrical rant from Guns 'N' Roses's "Get in the Ring."

Track 5: The OneUps – "Bowser Castle"
Fayetteville's OneUps are on the Nerdapalooza 2011 bill. They're another act I have yet to see live, so I'm pretty excited about finally getting the opportunity.

Track 6: Nuclear Bubble Wrap – "Sharktopus"
NBW hail from Nashville, a town renowned for music. Still, I wonder sometimes if people really understand how much more it produces than just simply roots rock and country artists.

Track 7: HDninja – "Fighting"
I had to decide which of Florida's many nerd-friendly acts I would spotlight. I ended up going with HDNinja, mostly because they have long been a personal favorite.

Track 8: Metroid Metal – "Norfair (NES)" / Matt Davis "You Don't Talk Country" dialog
Though Metroid Metal now has a number of members in other locales, it was founded by North Carolina-based arranger Stemage.

Track 9: Sci-Fried – "Geek Rock"
Another Florida outfit that's particularly near and dear to my heart is Orlando's Sci-Fried. Them's my boys!

Track 10: Marc Gunn – "Samwise Gamgee"
Marc Gunn is a cat dedicated to keeping Austin's music scene healthily weird. He also provides this edition of the podcast with the proper dose of Celtic-flavored filk.

Track 11: The ThoughtCriminals – "Earthbound (feat. Adam WarRock and Random)"
The TCs are my Carolina brothers and Adam WarRock also spent his childhood in the South. Ran? Not so much, but I give him a pass. ;)

Track 12: Bill Hicks "Flying Saucer Tour" dialog / John Lennon vs. Bubba Sparxxx – "Oh Yoko's Ugly"
I played this Bubba Sparxxx mash-up years ago, but felt it was the perfect time to revisit it.

Track 13: Marc with a C – "Satellite" / Foghorn Leghorn dialog
Marc has some really amazing songs, but this one's always seemed particularly strong to me. I settled on it as the show's closer very early on.

I'm still not entirely happy with the sound quality of this episode, but it should be good enough to get you through a single show. Expect more tweaks as I figure out my new recording/editing setup.

I have a few more proper show themes brewing, but I think I'm going back to the potpourri approach from episode 111. Then again, I'm sure there's some sort of weird numerological concept I can mine from the show's number itself, so don't quote me on that.


Shannon said...

*Cheers!* "Satellite" by Marc with a C is my new listen-to-it-a-zillion-times song. Thanks for the southern fried feast of geeky goodness!

Z. said...

Marc's got a ton of excellent tracks with serious pop sensibility, Shannon. Most are even available for free!

Marc With a C said...

Thanks for posting "Satellite" on your podcast, Z!

Z. said...

Glad to do it, Marc. It's a personal favorite.

Sponng said...

i totally put FIGHTING on my last mix tape, what's not to love about ink sacks squirting?

Z. said...

Too true, Spongg! I really think that HDNinja are one of the hidden jewels of weird FLA hip-hop.

DV said...

Fantastic episode. Loved the Robin Skouteris ending in particular. Also there were several new-to-me tracks.

I maintain that Kirby Krackle is not so much my favorite without the band.

Wonderful listen.

Thanks, Z!

Z. said...

Thanks, Larry. And I can understand about the KK thing -- they really are kinda two different bands.

Also, I think you commented on the wrong post. :)