Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerdapalooza Cometh

With the responsibilities of family, a day job and multiple blog/writing/podcast projects constantly weighing on my tiny shoulders, I am not exactly what one would call a traveler. I sort of have to budget out my trips with extra care, as both time and money are rather scarce. That being said, I will once again be spending my meager vacation days supporting the geeky musical community at this summer's  Nerdapalooza festival.

Actually, it occurs to me that I keep saying I'm going to Nerdapalooza, but I haven't, y'know, actually done anything with regards to arranging my travel or accommodations. I better get on that shit. But first, let's talk shop!

Thus far the lineup is looking pretty damn amazing. Random, Dual Core, The Protomen, Schaffer the Darklord and a handful of other phenomenal acts that I can't help but think of as "the regulars" have already been announced, and with the addition of my favorite sophomore performers, Florida's own Sci-Fried, I can't help but get a little giddy about the bill. Add to this outstanding newcomers like Metroid Metal, Adam WarRock, The One-Ups and my boys Illbotz, and you've got the recipe for an unbelievable musical weekend.

The best part, for me at least, is that there are still performers yet to be announced! Personally, I'm holding my breath for the inclusion of NC's The ThoughtCriminals, the return of Kirby Krackle and, of course, Frontalot and Co. Still, part of the fun is in the discovery.

With the big event less than two months away, those of us that closely follow the scene are gearing up for it a number of ways. GeekDad's a sponsor of Nerdapalooza 2011, so Curtis and I are even now scheming for ways to both promote the festival and cover it from within. Likewise, Hex's own Nerdy Show is getting into the proverbial groove by featuring a number of this year's featured MCs in their next remix contest, The Marvel Vs. Capcom Mixtape. Of course as the duly elected emperor of the land of Hipster, please! I am also doing my part to remind performers and attendees of Nerdapalooza's long-standing cover song tradition. You know how I do.

But mostly I'd like to know your thoughts on this year's celebration of musical nerdery. Who are your most anticipated acts? What are your picks for the last handful of artist reveals? What are you plans for Nerdapalooza weekend itself? Most importantly, can I bum some gas money and sleep on your floor? ;)


funky49 said...

"I will once again be spending my meager vacation days supporting the geeky musical community at this summer's Nerdapalooza festival. "

Announcement of the year!

Z. said...

LOL Yes, I shall shock and amaze with my outlandish surprises! ;)

Dammit Jim said...

thanks for the kind words!! We have a great show planned!! Some real suprises in store. Be sure to bring your video cam. ;-)

Z. said...

Will do, Jim. Gonna have my field recorder too, so be prepared for an impromptu interview. :)