Monday, March 28, 2011

Imagine Mii and You

Yesterday was the proper launch of Nintendo's next generation handheld, the 3DS. In case you've been under a very large rock for the past six months and/or are completely unable to discern from the simple context of its name it is like the traditional DS. Only with the 3D.

Through what I can only imagine was an enormous blunder on the part of Nintendo's PR machine, I received a demo unit early. (Never let it be said that being a GeekDad doesn't have its perks!) Just last week I shared my impressions of the 3DS, and I'd like to reiterate that my favorite piece of non-core functionality is the interesting way in which the Mii avatar system has evolved.

In addition to being able to mingle with passersby using the system's StreetPass, you can also share Miis directly by exporting them as scannable QR codes. I've included mine below along with my Friend Code on the off chance that you would like a tiny virtual Zii of your very own or would care to be my bestest video game friend.

Blogger shown actual size.


Dr. Confusion said...

portable Zii!

Z. said...

Pocket-sized, just like the original. ;)

Thormeister said...

Hey! I'm also a gamer dad and also bought a 3DS. Here's my code: 5112-3418-7910.

Z. said...

Added! :D