Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Ah, Super Crap!"

I am a veritable magnet for eccentricity. That is to say that like attracts like and I have a lot of weird friends with a number of strange hobbies and vocations. My buddy Marty, of Uncle Monsterface fame, sells sock puppet portraits in Central Park, which is odd enough on its own, but he recently made the leap to soap operas. Sock puppet soap operas.

Sock Puppet Manor tells of "the trials and tribulations of pickle-canning moguls the Lollybottoms as they cope with, conspire against, and marry the upstart pickle-canning entrepreneurs, The Durtlingers." And like all soaps there are ample opportunities for sex, intrigue and murder. With sock puppets.

Episode 1 (entitled "The Pickle") just became available via the Uncle Monsterface YouTube channel, and I struggle to describe it save to say that it is absurd, surreal and instantly enjoyable. It's like Soap, only with puppets. Make that only with more puppets.

Peep the embed below for your first taste. And, um, don't watch it at work. I can't imagine most workplaces would abide sock puppet fornication, implied or otherwise.


Dr. Confusion said...

Amazing and more please!

Z. said...

I have no doubt that Marty's in this for the long haul, B, but I shall pass on the props!