Thursday, February 10, 2011

People Mover

Before I dive into yet another album review – and believe me, one's a-comin' – I wanted to pause so as to allow us to catch our collective breath.

There. Isn't that nice?

In the midst of the aforementioned punishing review schedule I've actually found the time to assemble another edition of Radio Free Hipster. This one is themed around love and should drop next Monday. Which, if memory serves, is Valentine's Day. #lookatmebeingallappropriate

And with that in mind I'd also like to spotlight yet another video. This one comes courtesy of my northwestern brother Jarod of AlienBobz. Over the last couple of months he has shared a ton of concert footage shot in and around Seattle, much of it from acts like Billy the Fridge, Klopfenpop and Death*Star.

Likewise this clip comes from local Sea-town heroes People Within, fronted by former Optimus Rhyme co-vocalist Broken English. It's for their cut "Love Sick," which I think serves as a fine lead-in for the next podcast.

Peep the vid below, and check for links to equally fine audio from the gig(s) in question.


AlienBoBZ said...

Thanks for posting this Z! Did you get a chance to catch the People Within videos from December? I got a few more nerdcore shows to tape soon including the Death*Star, Klopfenpop and Kirby Krackle show next week and the People Within/Southside show on the 25th.

Z. said...

I certainly did, and JMIC brought it! :)

Jimi said...

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about those guys! I've had some audio from some shows sitting on my hard drive for a while but haven't listened for a while