Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Road Warriors

Do you love post-apocalyptic wastelands, automobile-based combat and most importantly mc chris?

Who the fuck am I kidding? Of course you do! So read on, yo.

In preparation for the release of his forthcoming album Race Wars, mc is looking for a collection of dedicated fans to include on the project's David Mack-illustrated, movie-style poster. Part Speed Racer, part Mad Max, part Half Baked part… Segway, Race Wars is an epic tale that requires an equally epic cast.

If you'd like to serve as the visual template for iconic characters like War Racer X, Blaxploitation Guy, Axehand or The Hot Girl, head on over to mc's site for design notes and details concerning submitted photographs.

Or, consequently, just check out the image below. Y'know, whatever works for you…

You've only got until February 14th to cobble together the requisite ensemble and send in your pics, so get on that shit. The future depends on it! (Not really!)

"There's an ounce of weed in Devil's Canyon!"


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the MC Chris part of this ruined it for me

Z. said...

So I take it you're waiting on MC Lars's new project before you contribute? ;) #ikeeed