Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Drunkening

Wizard needs booze badly.
As August winds to a close, I can't help but think… well, I honestly can't help but think when will this ridiculous fucking heat abate, but that's not the purpose of this missive.

As in years gone by, the promise of autumn brings with it the promise of binge drinking. And the best kind of binge drinking is the kind that you record and then share via the internet.

I am talking, of course, about my annual Drunken Podcast Month event.

Now entering its third year, this celebration of inebriation takes place each September and challenges podcasters the world over to drink to excess whilst making with the fake internet radio. Like so many things, it exists without any good reason or proper motivation. We're not doing this to benefit charity or to cure some disease; we're just doing it to do it. (Although if you can somehow leverage your drunken podcast to eradicate cancer or feed hungry children, that would only serve to make it all the more awesome!)

The core elements or Drunken Podcasting Month are simple enough to identify. All you need is you and booze and a manner in which to record and disseminate a podcast. Not to step on the toes of my more mathematically inclined blogging brethren or anything, but you could even express these components via a simple equation:

you + booze + internet = win

Optional materials include things like friends, snacks and a bucket in which to vomit, but those aren't strictly necessary. It's really just you and the sauce and the power of your own slurred words. These are the things that make Drunken Podcasting Month so grand.

So please, next month, be you a fellow member of the Fraternal Order of Established Podcastery or merely a newcomer looking to add his (or her) voice to community, come and get drunk with us. You'll be glad you did. After the headache and crippling nausea subside.


Andrea said...

Social Knitworking will be drinking/recording on Sept 17th. You may get another drunk dial from us, and this year we promise to publish our finished product.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Over Clocked After Dark while reading this.

they drink more than once a year while podcasting. I think you appearing as a guest during this month would be awesome.

Z. said...

I anxiously await your drunken output, Andrea!

Yeah, shadedspriter, I think most of my fellow podcasters like to tie one on by recording. I know I do. :D And I would be honored to appear on OCAD, should I receive an invite.