Friday, December 25, 2009

Stoke the Fire

The message began simply enough:

"So, let's do a Xmas compilation, huh?"

That was the subtle manner in which my pal Shael Riley launched the project that came to be known as Come Down the Chimney. That email arrived in late October, but, if memory serves, Shael had secretly mentioned it to me a week or two prior. Casually.

But, like everything Shael does, it was a deceptively serious affair.

His direction was minimal; he merely requested that all participating parties record a holiday-themed original or cover, but it was his sole caveat that defined the comp. He advised participants to craft something that they would like to hear on a holiday album. And I think that's the real difference.

Come Down the Chimney is Shael's brainchild, but, with the combined effort of cats like I Fight Dragons, Billy the Fridge, Schaffer the Darklord, Uncle Monsterface, The Double Ice Backfire and Zircon (who mixed and mastered the whole thing), it's a veritable Christmas present for nerdy music fans across the board.

It's a concept album, and the concept is holiday fun. I know all the guys are really proud to be a part of it, and I hope you enjoy listening to it half as much as they enjoyed making it.

So untie the bow and shred the paper. No need to check the label; it's to you, from a bunch of geeks who appreciate your support and attention.

Head over to the official web presence of Come Down the Chimney to snag your copy.


DV said...

I am loving it! Thanks guys!

Church said...

This is teh awesomesauce!

Christopher Neugebauer said...

That really was quite awesome!

(Now all we need is some new Grammar Club, and I'll be a very happy man ;))

killsaly said...

Wow great - No the best - Christmas themed EP ever.

Z. said...

You're quite welcome, Data!

I can't help but agree, Church.

I'll lean on Shael in that regard, Chris. :)

Thanks, ks!