Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 73: Eat, Drink & Be Scary

And so we find ourselves once again in the very throes of Drunken Podcasting Month (better known as September). It is an occasion I can't help but be proud of, despite how reprehensible the entire affair truly is.

Just like last year, my pals Matt and Church join me for the festivities. Drinks in hand, we make our way through over an hour's worth of music, supplementing it with nearly half that time in intoxicated banter.

Notice, if you will, how we begin slightly sloppy and easily distracted, and devolve further into slurring, marble-mouthed buffoons. Why I actually call Church "Chuck" at one point.


Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 73: Eat, Drink & Be Scary [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 82 MB Running Time: 1:29:38

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Beefy was totally trashed when he recorded the vocals for my theme song. It's a fact that I just made up.

Track 1: MC Lars & K.Flay – "It's A Party Y'all"
I reviewed Single and Famous last week. Check it out.

1st drunken interlude: "To celebrate this auspicious occasion."
How hard is it to convince Matt and Church to get drunk with me? Not particularly.

Track 2: Dr. Awkward – "F.U.F." / Scrubs dialog
As if you couldn't tell from our constant gushing, we all really dig Doc's Next Generation.

Track 3: Mr. B – "Sherry Monocle" / Scrubs dialog
Many thanks to La Bete for turning me on to the Gentleman Rhymer.

Track 4: Hidari – "ChocolaTommy"
Hidari's Wine and Chocolate is an amazing album, even for listeners unfamiliar with the language.

Track 5: Wilbert Roget II – "Chicken Tenders"
My favorite song about chicken tenders ever!

Track 6: The Bloodclan – "Vampire Party"
This track was a special request from Matt. It's from a collaborative project including MC Loki and MC Diabeats.

Track 7: Selfhelp – "Drunk Last Night"
No episode of Radio Free Hipster is complete without the inclusion of at least one Canadian.

2nd drunken interlude: "What are your respective poisons."
One of these years we really need coordinate our drinks. I'm just sayin'.

Track 8: Mattias Holmgren – "Legend of Zelda Zelda Heineken OC ReMix" / Scrubs dialog
This OC ReMix stills blows me away, despite the fact that I've been listening to it for months.

Track 9: mc chris – "Pizza Butt"
Confession: I totally chose this song so I could also include that "drunk on cheese" bit from Scrubs.

Track 10: English Pete – "Killing in a Gay Bar"
Because everyone loves a "Gay Bar" mash-up.

Track 11: Beefy – "Table Top (tanner4105 remix)"

Track 12: Uncle Monsterface – "Bring Back the Eggplant Wizard (Song for Gunpei Yokoi)"
I am currently playing through Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, and I gotta tell you those Eggplant Wizards are motherfuckers!

Track 13: People Within – "Lovesick"
People Within features Optimus Rhyme's Broken English.

3rd drunken interlude: : "The refined English version of our own beer goggles."
Brits are just fancier than us.

Track 14: Superpowerless – "Jizz In My Pants (Remix)"
Superpowerless does some of the most amazing covers and remixes I've ever heard, and he is crazy prolific.

Track 15: YTCracker – "Over and Over"
This I consider one of YT's best, an often overlooked gem from Serious Business.

Track 16: Jonny Nero Action Hero – "Back Porch" Scrubs dialog
Check out a special message from Jonny at the end of this episode.

Track 17: Billy the Fridge – "Cadillac Rollin' Fat"
I've been waiting for months for just the right time to expose the listening audience to Billy the Fridge. At last, that time has come.

Track 18: Billy Mays – "Breakin' Your Back"
Is it in poor taste to include this track in a show about overindulgence? Probably.

Track 19: Dual Core – "Give Me Wings (Remix)"
Nobody does better Dual Core remixes than their own c64.

Final drunken interlude: "I am eternally in your debt."
Let it be known that Hipster, please! truly couldn't exist without the help and support of Church and Matt. Them's m'boys!

Track 20: Glenn Case – "Glutton"
I can not even begin to express how excited I am for Glenn's forthcoming album Throw Money!

Bonus: A Message from Jonny Nero
Be sure to express your thanks to Jonny by checking out his Epic Default podcast!

This is usually the space where I recap the episode or talk up the following show, but this time I'm not gonna do that. Instead I just wanna take a moment to remember Jim Carroll.

He passed away earlier this week at the age of 60, but it was greatly overshadowed by the death of Patrick Swayze. Not that I'm bitter; I mean, Jim's lot in life was to remain largely unnoticed.

For me, Carroll held personal significance. Not just because we battled similar demons, but because of what he symbolized to me. While Updike showed me that it was okay, even interesting, to write about the exploits of unremarkable people, Jim Carroll showed me that it was also perfectly acceptable for us unfortunate freaks to put pen to paper ourselves. To record our own histories.

And now he finds himself, however fittingly, among the people who died.

Jimmy, this drink's for you.


Church said...

"3rd drunken interlude: : "The refined English version of our own beer goggles.""

Hurh? That was the second interlude. Is it Drunk Blogging Month as well?

Z. said...

Shit! I have to put off releasing the 'cast for one mere day and it totally throws me off my games.

Matt said...

Just tell folks you're still hungover.

killsaly said...

Jim Carroll died? Bummer. The podcast looks fun, ill check it out later. After I watch the Basketball Diaries...

Matt said...

thank you to Z for doing your best to make me not sound like an idiot. That was painful at times, but knowing what you had to work with (at least what I remember), you're a rock star!

Z. said...

A bummer indeed, KS.

And remember, Matt, that the tingle of embarrassment you feel is all in the true spirit of Drunken Podcasting Month! ;)

Josh said...



I have more words but no time to type them! Now I'm a fan of chap rap! And drunken podcast listening?

Keep up the good work!


antisoc said...

Dang, Z, this is a long podcast. It lasted me the 40 minute drive to my parents house, and the 30 minute drive back. Still have one more song to go on it too.

That Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer is pretty cool. Actually, that's about the coolest thing I've heard in a long it. Makes me want to get a butler and look down my nose snootily at people who don't have one.

Z. said...

Thanks for the love, Josh, and I'm thrilled that you had such a good time listening. :)

Yeah, Soc, I figured a good way to reward people for listening to our drunken ramblings was to drop in an extra song set. And Mr. B really is a charmer. His entire Flattery Not Included album is well worth a listen.