Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maja League

While most of the attention being paid to Maja of late has centered on his turn as a voice actor in a series of Phoenix-area McDonald's spots, surely no one has forgotten that his primary focus is music. And thankfully, some 2 years after the release of his stellar debut, The Amalgam Project, he is back in the proverbial saddle.

Peep the recent communiqué from Maja's command center:

This is a message from yours truly, MAJA.

I am sitting here ready to release my sophomore album, which I have named BLEACH’d OUT. Seriously, I am literally sitting in front of my PC in the middle of the night looking at the cover that was designed by Robert Kim, who has done some really good work. You can check out some of his other work here: http://artofroboto.blogspot.com/. I am really excited about what he’s put together. You should totally check him out.

Anywho, here’s why I’m e-mailing you fabulous fan : I want to give you the album first. And for FREE. Yes, this is not a lie. I am going to upload the album on my new Reverbnation page and allow all fans to download it for FREE. BLEACH’d OUT is my anime-inspired album that I hope speaks to all of you as much as The Amalgam Project did.

The more fans that download the album, the better. T-shirts coming soon, too!

The album is releasing THIS FALL so stay tuned!

Here is the vid that I just uploaded on YouTube!

You can add yourself now on Reverbnation by clicking the link below:

Thanks for the love and support!

To reiterate, there is good news - Maja's sophomore follow-up is ready to drop – and better news – it is gonna be made freely available. So keep a keen eye on Reverbnation for further rumblings concerning BLEACH’d OUT. The promise of more top-shelf otaku rhymes is not to be taken lightly.


killsaly said...

I got excited for a second, thought i was going to be able to download some new Maja today...

Z. said...

Same thing happened to me, KS. But the good news is we're promised it this month. :)