Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gone Fishin'

As I mentioned earlier, the family and I are about to head out on our annual vacation to the Carolina coast. As is tradition. Of course, this year it's pulling double duty, also serving as a clever ruse to prevent me from squandering any more Microsoft Points on clothing for my Avatar.

It occurs to me that I have, essentially, been playing virtual paper dolls. My shame is palpable.

Now, I am nothing if not self-aware, so I realize that Hipster, please! exists primarily to act as an at-work time-waster for the bulk of its readership. Therefore, I've elected to provide a handful of pointers toward interesting digital destinations that you might peruse during my absence. I believe you'll find them worthy diversions.
  1. Songs from the Pit
    As long as you’re here, why not check out my review of Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire's Songs from the Pit. It's a fine album, and I genuinely enjoyed musing about it. I'd also urge you to track down a copy of your own. It's analog-tastic.
  2. Next Level
    Of course, I can't talk about new albums without mentioning Dual Core's most recent offering. c64 and int eighty have reached a very dangerous point where I expect perfection in their output, and, interestingly enough, Next Level delivers in spades. Further, let me say that it's slated to be my primary road trip soundtrack for a very long drive. In summation: pick it up.
  3. The 8th Day
    And speaking of albums, did you know Random's The 8th Day is currently on sale for half price? That's, like, under $5 for one of the bestest hip-hop albums ever. That's what we call a deal, friends and neighbors, but it's a limited time offer. Get on that shit.
  4. "He Doesn't Love You"
    If your interests skew a bit more toward the Potter side, then be sure to peep "He Doesn't Love You," the newest track from Riddle™. It's an acoustic rocker (Wrocker?) centered on Amortentia, and the "relationship" between Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle, the elder. As a fan of tragic love songs, I am beholden to recommend it heartily.
  5. Social Knitworking
    Andrea, Jenn and Joanna have recently taken their geektastic knitting circle into the virtual realm for all to enjoy. Social Knitworking is both a podcast relating to the fine art of yarn-craft and another great online hub for nerd culture. Head over there and see what marvelous madness these fine ladies have cooked up.
  6. NerdRockstar
    If you dig that "Nerdcore is Not Dead" t-shirt that Andrea is rocking in the recent Social Knitworking vlog, then definitely check out NerdRockstar. It's an independent merch site that does much more than just shirts. Although the shirts are pretty goddamn awesome.
  7. Geek Amigo
    Equally awesome is the new Geek Amigo community from our friends at Scrub Club. Focused on music, media and culture, it's an ideal chill spot. Give it a look. Hell, you might even make a new friend.
  8. Fermilab Rap
    After his turn as MOSI's Rapbassador, my pal funky49's was approached by Illinois's Fermilab about crafting a rap theme for their National Accelerator Laboratory. Not only has the news of this collaboration began to pop up in various news outlets around Chicago, but funk has been blogging his trip. For science!
  9. Glenn and Rachel
    I'd also highly suggest you check out the performance videos by Glenn Case and Rachael Lane from last month's Song Fight! Live event in their native Spokane. Their setlist featured "Pencil Me In," "Georgia's Hands" and "Need Stilts:" three of my favorite tracks!
  10. Twitter
    Lastly, if, for whatever bizarre reason, you really want to know what I'm up to while I am AFK, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I'll be tweeting intermittently from my cell throughout the trip, and, while I can't promise it'll be an incredibly compelling read, I'll do my best to include the requisite level of snark. I do what I can.

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