Friday, May 08, 2009

Nerd News In Brief

Though it sometimes feels like work, Hipster, please! is far from a legitimate business venture. I don't have backers or a revenue stream or a business model, but I think I'm slowly beginning to build a little of the ol' brand recognition.

Thanks to the help of Denika, who designed my logos and helped get my new layout off the ground, and the fact that my OCD motivates me to operate the project fairly consistently, I think I have managed to develop a shtick. Now I just need to kick it up a notch.

I was gonna talk to some friends of mine in advertising about how better promote my little endeavor, but, thanks to a tip from Antisoc, I now know that such services are now available over the counter.

My logo has never looked bigger.
  • Oddly Specific: Apparently, there is now an entrance exam for geeks. Looks like I'm in the remedial class.
  • As in Beer: As a huge fan of Gameboy/GBA-based chiptunes, I've long wanted to try my hand at this unique brand of electronica. Thankfully, such experimentation has just gotten significantly easier for armchair musicians. Groundbreaking artist Pixelh8 has recently elected to release 4 of his own, custom-designed software modules for free. Head over to his site to score his Music Tech Pro Performer, Gameboy Music Tech V2.0, Gameboy Drum Tech and Death Ray Noise Generator. All awesome. All free.
  • Mary Bennet, Victor Frankenstein and You: Hey, you know that whole "geek chic" thing the American media's been talking about for the past couple of years? Apparently CNN just found out about it. Way to trailblaze there, guys!
  • Number 5 is Alive: Chicago's Independent Music Review recently listed I Fight Dragons as one of Chi-Town's Top 5 Bands You Should be Listening To. It's important to note that this also applies to those not living in the Chicago metro area.
  • WTFMPFM?: Has anyone else been keeping up with what's been going on with My Parents' Favorite Music? Last month Steffo's MySpace went all Gothloli -- which is odd in and of itself, but not any more so than Steffen's median level. Then there was some surreal kidnapping story as related by Hex on Talk Nerdy to Me, then this inexplicable YouTube vid and more recently a new Facebook page with references to time travel. So, I guess it's a little like Lost. Only with Japanese chicks.
  • He'll Take You There: Alienbobz's Jarod has just added another amazing show to his collection at This one is from last year's Seattle tour stop by my boys Uncle Monsterface. At long last I finally get an audio copy of their epic cover of "Like a Prayer!"
  • Unshaven: Those who missed The Grammar Club's new selection on last year's Child's Play charity comp can now catch it at The 61. Enjoy "Underbeard" in all its follicle fantastitude.
  • You're Gonna Love My Nuts: I also have to thank the Club's own Shael Riley for being the first to turn me on to "Rap Chop." It's infectious! Addictive even!
  • Ultrapowerful: Superpowerless is actively seeking collaborators for a new song. If you can sing/rap, give Oliver a holler.
  • I Twittered You: Church filed this one as "Nerdcore Country." Whatever you call it, I want more.
  • Our Family Album: Also from Church comes this link to a CIO slideshow of nerds through the ages. Oh how we've grown!
  • Ran, Examined: Random popped up in the San Diego Examiner. Ran's got a ton of press lately, but I think this is my favorite interview so far. His modest nature and creative spark really come through. Give it a read.
  • All In the Family: My Florida-based brothers (and sister) from Magitek also scored themselves some nice press in recent weeks. Read about the band, it's history and the crew's thoughts on nerdcore over at MadeLoud.
  • STD in the Vajay-jay: At long last, the Vagina Deep in Podcast gals have tossed us another episode. This one features Schaffer the Darklord, which, though rather unfortunate with regard to their respective naming conventions, is awesome. There's talk of a new album, some playful banter about cats and, of course, your requisite amount of swearing.
  • Sorry, Heisenberg!: Bino White knows that the only way to educate America's youth is with threats of physical violence. Ere go he and Riboflava have elected to kick your ass. With science. Peep the video below, and let its delicate strains carry you through the weekend.


AlienBoBZ said...

And the Math the Band recording is up too:

Z. said...

Jarrod, I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Like UMF, Math is a band that really excels live, and it's nice to be able to back that statement up with recorded evidence. :)

AlienBoBZ said...

Yeah they really do rock live. That whole night was great. I do plan to catch at least one of Washington Math the Band shows.

Sangriaa said...

You make my heart sing, Z.

Z. said...

I envy you, Jarrod. I can't wait to catch MTB again!

Just glad to put a smile on your face, Sanny. :)