Wednesday, May 06, 2009

God Save the Queen

Whenever I receive a gift from an artist or reader, I always feel led to thank them within the blog itself. Now, this isn’t to brag. (Well, it isn’t just to brag.) Mostly it’s simply to show appreciation via my most public forum possible. Further, it’s because, in addition to the nerdcore or VGM or WRock community, I like to think that there’s a Hipster, please! community.

Just this week, a pair of these community members – both, oddly enough, from the UK – favored me with some amazing gifts, and I really wanted to share.

Talkie Tim, a long-time reader and listener, surprised me with two sets of the new Doctor Who Time Squad figures, which I’ve been lusting after for quite some time. Because of him I have at last fully realized my dream of a Dalek-infested workspace. (On a related note, Tim and his lady friend nose_in_a_book also helped me put together a soon-to-be-unveiled secret project that I think you’ll dig!)

At approximately the same time that Tim’s care package was making its way across the Atlantic, I received a sizable donation from another Brit who I will simply refer to as Chris. Coupled with some residual cash I had floating around in my Paypal, this enabled me to once again upgrade my podcasting rig. And, while I can’t promise that the change in sound quality will be as drastic as it was when I upgraded my tech back in January of 2007, I’m hoping for the best.

When I started this project 3 years ago, it was about my passion for nerdy music and culture. Thankfully, since that time it has become about our shared passion. And whether it’s folks like Beefy and Nikki Nefarious agreeing to be in features, friends like Church and Matt feeding me post ideas or cats like Anthony and Hex helping to spread the word about my hair-brained venture du jour, Hipster, please! exists as much by your whim as mine. And while I certainly don’t expect any sort of compensation for my meager (and largely intangible) services, know that I genuinely appreciate every email, comment, band suggestion, donation or press kit.

It’s a great big world, and there are far more pressing matters to which you could all turn attention. But you choose to come here and hang out with me, and that means a lot.

So much nerdy love to all, particularly to Tim and Chris for the handsome gifts. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a Sycorax vs. Cyberman death-match to officiate.


Torboxx said...

Please make sure that Cyberman doesn't get too beaten up while fending off the Sycorax. I'm really excited for a Supercommuter release and don't want some "skinless humanoids wearing mantles of bone" screwing that up for me.

On a more serious note I am glad to see that you are reaping rewards from your work as a nerd music journalist, you've earned every figure and podcasting rig that comes flying in your direction, and then some.

Z. said...

You're far too kind, Torboxx! And let there be no mistakin'; I will ensure that it's a fair fight. :)

funky49 said...

See, it's just bribes that you keep doing what you're doing.

Be worried when you get sent doggy poo :)

Z. said...

Steve, are you planning on mailing me dog shit? I'll know it was you, man!

talkie_tim said...

Awww, you blogged it too. I was off visiting last week, so I didn't notice. Glad you like them. I'll be waiting for the action shots around your cubicle though.

Z. said...

Will do, Tim, as soon as I wrestle them away from the boy!

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