Monday, April 06, 2009

Method to the Madness

I typically try and save all new release announcements for my weekly Nerd News in Brief round-up, but since this album was the high-point in an otherwise unremarkable weekend (DSi notwithstanding), I figured I would be remiss if I didn't hip y'all to it immediately.

Due to the fact that my workload, at least with regard to blogging and podcasting, has doubled in the past year, I no longer spend as much time around the Rhyme Torrents forums as I did back in the proverbial day. Typically I just lurk once or twice a week in a desperate attempt to keep my ancient ass somewhat in the loop as to what is going down.

As always, I give props to DON VITO for keeping the Rhyme Torrents dream alive. He'll likely read this and say that's all thanks to the community itself, but DV is good people and his particular flavor of Rhyme Torrents has continued to attract some top-shelf talent. One such individual is New Orleans-based producer and electronic musician Untested Methods.

Earlier this month, Untested Methods dropped a mixtape-style collection of recent nerdcore remixes. It includes some stuff already in my collection – like a pair of unforgettable Grammar Club tracks – and some work that is new to me but no less epic. Easy highlights include the Slow Drive mix of Random's "Shadowman" and the STREAM remix of K Flay's "I Rap nice," which really highlights the fact that her flow in that song is delightfully similar to that of a certain Canadian burglar of words. But honestly, from YTCracker to KABUTO to Futuristic Sex Robotz, UM does some truly amazing work.

As is the case with any good remix, some of these selections are as likely to shock as they are to amaze. Untested Methods is not shy about deviating from any given track's original course, and this is how it should be. Though hearing classics like "Balloon Flight" cut down to their component parts and then reassembled atop a thick electronic backing may seem blasphemous to some, UM does so with such obvious affection and such a keen eye for detail that open-minded fans can't help but be impressed.

In summation, Remix Casefiles Vol. 1: NERDCORE is not to be missed.

Cop it immediately from, and, once you've giving it a proper listening, go hear more at MySpace, Pure Volume and the official Untested Methods site. You can even throw some money at UM for his recently released debut electronica album Cryptology 101, which is available via Amazon MP3.

Listen. Love. Share.


Anonymous said...

Support the NOLA scene!

Also, as a side note, this was really good. Listened to it twice so far.

Colonel Panic said...

Support the NOLA scene!

Also, as a side note, this was really good. Listened to it twice so far.

Z. said...

Glad you dug it, CP! :)