Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hidari press kit: CDs vampire fangs toys & Pocky!

Japan is a land of madness and mystery. Hidari represents the best of both these aspects.

EDIT: And yes, that is Ultraman's Mom. Apparently she has her own action figure.


Jacqueline Inserra said...

How do I get such a thing???

Glenn Case said...

Justin Bacon surely knows how to put together one hell of a press kit, no?

That is freaking awesomeness right there.


Glenn Case

clockwork said...

damn, I'm seriously wanting to rock some yummy Pocky right now.

Church said...


I so need to make that cartoon happen...

Z. said...

By befriending expat musicians, Jacqueline. It works for me. :)

He does, Glenn. Justin is good people.

There's never a bad time for Pocky, Clockwork!

Church, you're just still shellshocked from that whole Golden Girls things.

ヒダリ(Hidari) said...

At least this time the package wasn't eaten by a giant, radioactive bipedal lizard.

Bloody nuisances.

Z. said...

Yeah, Japan should really take care of that shit.