Friday, March 20, 2009

Apparently, Your Mother is a Horse

While I have been dragging feet with regard to my forthcoming compilation, my pal Anthony and the Game Music 4 All crew have been charging ahead like a horde of cranked-up Mongols. In addition to the recently launched Hey! Listen! monthly EP project, GM4A has just provided a sneak peak at the next installment in their Here Comes a New Challenger series.

Pairing game rockers and chip artists with nerdcore hip-hoppers, HCaNC is, at least to my mind, nigh synonymous with the Game Music 4 All blog. Though the more traditional VGM compilations are closer to the site's wheelhouse, the fantastic juxtaposition of styles and forms inherent in the previous Challenger album truly redefined what a geeky music comp could and, indeed, should be.

With an all-star lineup composed of outrageous musical hybrids like Doctor Octoroc vs. Zombies! Organize!! and Shael Riley vs. Bizarro Stylus, this promises to be another can't-miss collection. Look for a full primer at Game Music 4 All later today, but, in the meantime, peep the promo trailer below.


Anthony said...

"horde of cranked-up Mongols" is a phrase i want to hear more often!

Thanks for the post! You even beat me to posting about my own album! Now that is reporting!

Drystan Knight said...

hipping you to an article i just found

Pink said...

Oh wow! doc oc and zombies organise!

Z. said...

I have been known to scoop a muthafucker, Ant. ;)

Thanks for the tip, DK.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Pinky!