Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Freedom's Just Another Word for Not Having to Pay for Shit

Friends, I am currently in the midst of my second consecutive snow day. You see, here in the southeast we don't get much in the way of winter weather, and when we do the populous tends to lose its collective shit. Hell, folks can't really drive here-abouts under the best of conditions, so slapping a coat of ice on the highway is an easy recipe for disaster.

So while my fellow hicks cower in their trailers, hoarding milk and bread like gold and some other valuable commodity that currently escapes my grasp, I have taken this opportunity to compile a handy list of the new (musical) hotness. Here are a half-dozen sites to hit up for fine, free musics. You can thank me by sending blankets. And fire wood.
  • Dragons Slain: I already mentioned chiptune/pop rockers I Fight Dragons last week, but I figured some might need another push to sign up for their mailing list and score their EP Cool is Just a Number. Consider yourself pushed.
  • The Sounds of the 90s Today: Ultraklystron has put together a 6 song EP in which he mashes his own material up with tracks from Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, and Bjork. It's post-grungealicious.
  • Psssst!: Anthony managed to get the second installment of his monthly Hey! Listen! mixtape in just before the buzzer. This time around it features my pal Antisoc as well as XMark's cover of Coulton's "Still Alive."
  • Speaking Of: Church just hipped me to this freely available collection from The Bearded One Himself. It's 730MB of Coultony goodness from Creative Commons.
  • In Case You Missed It: Heartfelt congratulations go out to my pal Glenn Case for completing this year's FAWM. Check out all 14 tracks, including one named by yours truly, over here.
  • Sounds Familiar: And lastly (but certainly not leastly), my brother int eighty just let me know that another pair of free tracks have been thrown atop the pile at Dual Core's official site. One of these non-album selections is from the very first Hipster, please! compilation and the other is from GM4A's Welcome to World 2. Enjoy them again for the first time.


snipe said...

Heh - when I used to live in Atlanta, my boss was from Boston. She warned me that if we got anything that even looked like snow, the whole town shut down. I didn't believe her until we got a *dusting* - and it was a dusting - you could still see the black of the asphalt in the parking lot under the snow dust. She called me and told me not to come to work, and to not bother to try and get milk or water today. Sure enough, the grocery store was stripped bare, and the entire town shut down. Being from t he northeast, we (of course) rolled our eyes - but at least work snowdays don't have to be made-up later like school snow days :)

Church said...

Loving "Hey, Listen" I was toying with doing that format a while back, but got distracted. Also lazy.

killsaly said...

I got the I fight Dragons EP for free last night. Weird seeing you plug it, as it was pretty random that I found it.

Z. said...

I hear ya, Snipe. My pops was from upstate NY, and I’ll always remember his utter indignation over our school closings. :)

I’m a big fan of EP myself, Church, so I’m glad Ant is bringing them back.

IFD has pretty much blitzed the geeky blogs over the past week or so, ks, and they’ve done it in the most effective way possible. If anyone is trying to make their presence known among fringe music bloggers, take note. These guys are doing it right.

antisoc said...

It is very hard for me to overstate my satisfaction.

Z. said...

What can I say, Soc? It's been a good week for free stuff.

antisoc said...

Which track did you name on the Glenn Case album, by the way?

Z. said...

"Failure is Always an Option"