Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Secret of Geno's Maze

In case you missed it over the weekend, my pal Anthony (AKA: genoboost) from Game Music 4 All released the first of his free monthly downloadable VGM EPs. Hey! Listen! Volume 1 really sets the bar high for the other 11 installments of the series by taking a stripped down approach to geeky mixtapes.

Rather than spend months pouring over dozens of included submissions and trying to coordinate the release of another massive collection – which I can attest is an incredible pain in the ass – Ant is dropping these tracks 5 at a time.

This first mixtape opens with the trippy electro-glitch "woodman + bubbleman" by seal of quality before transitioning into "Take My Hand, Take My Heart," a mellow and romantic instrumental by Lumine Hall. It then kicks the energy back up with ChipTots' Spanish-language rocker "Galeno," a personal favorite, and the punky "Escape Pod" by Alex Atchley. Its final track, "Mega Man Master Spark Mandrill," is an amazing piece of VGM from Tanuki Suit Riot that incorporates driving guitars and bright horns in equal measure, thus ably wrapping up the project's first chapter.

Even the EP's cover art, a piece called "Haiku" by Sasha Palacio, serves as to add to the overall experience and make this mixtape an example of the mythical rock 'n' roll concept all killer, no filler. Should you be interested in contributing to this continuing series, rather as a musical or visual artist, hit Ant up for details, as I'm sure you're interest will be most appreciated.

And if that doesn't slake your thirst for videogame music, be sure to check out Ant's first article at game culture site The Start Screen. Also entitled "Hey! Listen!," this new feature expands on his mission to spotlight bands who are inspired by videogames. The inaugural edition features Brazilian game rockers 8 Bit Instrumental, whose eclecticism is only matched by their formidable talent.

Check out both and spread the word. And don't forget to peep Anthony's own personal blog; it's the only place you can get the scoop on these and the other exciting ventures he'll be undertaking in the coming year well before they make it out for mass consumption.


Anthony said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the compilation and everything else! It is always very appreciated!

I should also note that one of your good buddies has agreed to be in the next comp! So look forward to that too. =]

Z. said...

Not a problem, Ant! I really enjoyed the EP, and I can't wait for volume 2. :)