Wednesday, February 04, 2009

8-Bit is Enough

Hot off the (virtual) press comes a brand new release from the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Ran 9. Inspired by the highly successful retro sequel and licensed by the fine folks at Capcom, this project is the direct successor to Random's fan-favorite 2007 concept album Mega Ran. And just like it's ascendant it's available for free download.

Of course, if you want the full story of Ran's latest 8-bit exploits you'll wanna pony up for the commercial release next month. Therein you'll hear an additional 3 tracks not available in the freebie version.

But in the meantime take a moment and cop the new hotness. Give it a listen, and share your thoughts with Random and your fellow fans at Ran's official message board.

It's an excellent way to remind yourself that true hip-hop can be as nerdy as it wants to be.

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