Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Double-Ewe Bee

One of the most amazing things about Nerdapalooza – in addition, of course, to the music and geeky fellowship – was all the stuff that we attendees came home with.

Visual artist KiwiX was the first to acquire an event poster signed by all the featured acts. My photographer friend Denika captured some simply phenomenal photos of the on- and off-stage antics. Schaffer the Darkord and Captain Dan were two of many who got to talk Blender magazine. My best friend Josh got to meet and befriend int eighty of Dual Core. MisterB impregnated a local*. In short, be it a handsome keepsake, a cool story, or a bastard child, everybody came home with something special.

Among my most prized post-‘Palooza possessions are my hand-labeled Zombies! Organize!! demo, Anthony’s press pass (we all traded), my STD and Krondor Krew t-shirts, an enormous collection of free CDs, my own signed event poster (I totally ripped off Kiwi’s idea), and a literal trunk-load of stuff from my pals Uncle Monsterface that includes, but is not limited to, a fine selection of Marty’s sock puppet portraits.

But one of the more rare and wonderful pieces of swag I accrued was a Nerdapalooza special edition ashcan comic written by the Wordburglar**. It details the exploits of Snakor, former snake-themed terrorist turned restaurant manager, and it is one of the most delightfully ridiculous things I’ve ever read. It’s the 80s G.I. Joe with the thinly-veiled Reaganism excised and a healthy dose of self-depreciation inserted in its stead.

Thankfully, now everyone can read Snakor's Pizza in full, vibrant color, compliments of the fine folks at Arcana Comics. Burg tells me that the crew will be updating the project with a new page every Wednesday for the remainder of the year. And the plan is to release the book in a proper physical form at a later date.

Take a look, and spread the love.

*This is simply a joke in poor taste. MisterB did not actually knock up a Floridian at Nerdapalooza.
**Burg is Canadian. Have I mentioned that I really like Canada?


MisterB said...

*this is on my "to do" (ba dum dosh) list for next year

Z. said...

And we shall call him lowercaseb.

MisterB said...

i quite like "masterb"

Z. said...

Hey, your kid your call! :)

hex said...

omg... i have that comic!!

and i could have SWORN i saw a kid walking around that looks like misterb... it was REALLY weird cause the lady called her kid "baby b"

Z. said...

Ah, Hex, the plot thickens!

MisterB said...

Hex, she probably just had a stutter.

<_< >_>