Monday, February 16, 2009

Couples Only

Yesterday evening, the venerable Shael Riley coordinated the second installment of his Doubles’ Dash short-form collaborative songwriting parties. The gist of this hybrid contest/creative freak-out is to motivate teams of two to write and record a lyrical pop song in the span of three hours. This is facilitated via IRC, and, at the end of the event, each of the participant teams share their songs and vote for a winner.

Shael posted all three of the resulting tracks to his LiveJournal last night, and, as they are both freely available and kick-ass, you are encouraged to check them out.

My man Projekt Zero, who presently resides in the storied city of Charlestown in my own home state, found himself abandoned by his partner, but soldiered on to produce "Shael's Going to Fuck Me Up the Ass With No Lube and It's Going to Hurt," a song that is, in truth, far less violent and abrasive than the title would imply.

Shael Riley and Jiggin Jon T, also known as Team Taking a Year Off to Travel, created the catchy and obviously Randy Newman-inspired "Pros and Cons."

And lastly, Injury (who you may remember from a recent collab with Shael) and Suzumebachi clandestinely added Sgt. Rama to their Team Bisquick to craft "Percent Caret Open Parenthesis," which I am told is a parody of Shael’s own "Snow, Love and Sludge."

Listen well, and think back on all the significantly less interesting shit you were doing last night between the hours of six and nine PM Eastern. I, for one, was watching the Gangland marathon on History Channel.


funky49 said...

"Pros and Cons"

I like this song very much. Not as much as Battlestar Galactica. But I still like it. Hex played it for the world last night on the radio.

Z. said...

It is quite good, innit? :)