Monday, January 26, 2009

This is Not a Bomb

About a month ago, my pal Vincent hit me up via Twitter to ask my opinion on a video project he was considering. He had the idea to do a kinetic type vid for the YTCracker/MC Lars/Doc Pop Digital Gangster LP track "911 AM (Rudy Giuliani)" - similar to a George Lopez piece he did as a final project for a motion graphics course he took last semester.

Since that is, as the kids say, my jam, I told him that it sounded like a great idea, and Vince set to work. Over his winter break, he put together the first third of the video, which he recently posted to YouTube. His plan is to finish it up during his next break, and Doc even offered to hook him up with some lipsynch footage to help flesh it out.

So, while you're looking forward to the finished product, here's a sneak preview of the project thus far. Consider it your teaser trailer.


hex said...

i caught that on youtube like two days ago and LOVED IT!! this is a phenomenal vid. :D

Church said...

Nicely done. Damn that's a lot of work.

Vincent Chavez said...

thanks everyone for the comments, and thanks Z for the blog post! looks like know i have to finish it! :)

mcchris said...

ur good!! make one for me in 09 plz. i'll give you new music. :)

Church said...

Frak! I had a "DQ Blizzard" one half-finished, but my backup went flaky.

Z. said...

Agreed, Hex.

You ain't playing, Church. It looks quite labor intensive.

You will, Vincent! :)

I'd love to see one myself, mc.

No foolin', Church? That's a pisser.

Church said...

It was a DVD backup (let that be a lesson to you all) so it MAY be recoverable... But it hasn't looked good so far.