Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Stuff That Memes Are Made Of

It’s the kind of thing that MC Frontalot might term a very unlikely occurrence: YTCracker, current underground icon and former notorious hacker, getting play on dance floors everywhere and getting love from… cops?!

Crazy, no? But also so very true.

It all started, as these things often do, with a funny idea. A joke, if you will.

Last week, social networking sites like Facebook were abuzz over the discovery that the Dekalb County Police Department – the law in a metro-Atlanta burg just a couple of hours southwest of my neck of the woods – featured a different crunk beat as the background loop for each page of its official Web site. It was at first widely assumed that this music had been slipped into the site by some smart-ass hacker, but the truth is that the beats had been purposefully included by the site's designer, a not unheard-of mistake by first-time webmasters.

YT, at the request of a friend, elected to use these beats to make an EP of his own, and, in some sort of warped ode to the ridiculousness of the entire affair, crafted his lyrics purely out of biographical information available about the department and its officers on the site itself. Ten hours later, YTCracker was the proud father of DCPD Bangerz Vol. 1, 6 tracks of profanity-free, southern cop show goodness.

And it hit. Hard.

It became an immediate sensation, and, for the first time in history, YTCracker began to garner mainstream attention not for some high profile hack from the Digital Gangster crew and not as some ham-handed attempt by a major media outlet to cash in on the growing geek chic, but for simply being the genuinely creative, incredibly funny cat we've always known him as.

Now, not only is the album popping up everywhere, but YT is even in talks with the DCPD itself about a possible fundraiser in the future.

So once again, YTCracker wins the Internet.

It looks like the ensuing traffic may have made downloading this unlikely masterpiece problematic, so, if y'all have any trouble, just give me a yell and I'll mirror. This isn't exactly the kind of shit you wanna be forced to live without.

Download DCPB Bangerz Vol. 1 from ytcracker.com


Church said...

I love this bit from kissatlanta: "...it’s profanity free, and the lyrics are fucking hillarious."

Vincent said...

that album is too awesome! best part is the vocorder in meet the chief!

Z. said...

We're big fans of irony here in the South, Church.

Yup, the vocoder is made of win, Vince!