Thursday, January 08, 2009

They Are A-Changin'

Today is sort of... well... bittersweet.

You see, on the one hand, Lizz has officially announced her retirement from the Wizrocklopedia. This isn't exactly a surprise, as she laid the groundwork for her departure a month ago, but it's a bit of a bummer nonetheless.

The 'Pedia is a testament to the true power of fandom, and it has long been a part of my personal geek rock bible. I've had the good fortune of working with Lizz on a handful of occasions, and I can guarantee that she is the real deal; she is a writer of great skill, a fan of the highest order, and an expert logistician that has managed the delicate balancing act of keeping a widely popular and increasingly important community hub for Wizard Rock humming along, even in the face of countless changes in the dreaded RL.

In her stead she has left the site in the capable hands of staff writers Dinah and Freya, who I am sure will put their own unique spin on the classic 'Pedia formula. Freya, for example, has already begun questioning me for a series of pieces on WRock, nerdcore, and filk, and how these musical disciplines fit together, which, as you know, I am always eager to discuss.

This is all to say that the Wizrocklopedia is neither down nor out, and I both wish the staff continued growth and success and genuinely expect these optimistic prognostications to come to pass. But that being said, the 'Pedia will soon be hiring additional writers, and, if you have an interest in the finer music from the wizarding world, you should keep a keen eye open for contribution possibilities.

On the obligatory other hand, we have my friend Hex and the Nerdapalooza crew. Just like our comrades at the Wizrocklopedia, the 'Palooza camp has some new things going on as well. Thankfully these include more pluses than minuses. One of the most interesting developments will be discussed at length tonight in a live chat session. When Hex gave me the skinny regarding this shortly before Christmas I was delighted, and I can say with some confidence that you'll also find it to your liking.

Also tangentially related to Nerdapalooza (and directly related to nerd music in general) is Hex's own recent venture 16-Bit Management. This independent booking agency out of Casselberry, FL is geared specifically toward supporting the independent nerdy music community. Hex is running things on his own, so this might be another place where your support and interest, not to mention your urge to volunteer, would be well rewarded. Booking and press-related inquiries can be directed at Hex via 16-Bit Management's own MySpace.

So there you have it, my pretties; things are changing, waxing and waning, shifting, transforming. But in the end what remains is our dedication to our own music and culture. And even those of us who slip away are still tied to our meta-community through shared history, continued support, and the shining examples they've provided as our nerdy brethren.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Matt said...

16-Bit Management => Total Unadulterated WIN!!!

Perfect timing for something like this, and while my contact with Hex has been minimal (I think he replied to a Tweet from me once), he strikes me as a good candidate to fill the hole. The only proper response is to quote that great wise man,

"I love it when a plan comes together"


Anonymous said...

^_^ thank you very much, z. for the amazing write up about 16bm!

and thank you for the confidence boost, too, matt! any lack of contact has not come from dislike, but only because of being buried in work. i do respond very quickly to aim though ^_^

much nerdy love!!!1

freya said...

Thanks for the shout out and confidence in me and Dinah. We surely appreciate it.

Z. said...

Well said, Matt. 16-Bit is a noble endeavor indeed.

And don't apologies to him about being unresponsive. He is as guilty as the rest of us. Except for maybe me, but that's cause my sloth knows no bounds!

No pro, Freya! You know I gots yer back. :)