Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

My unbridled love of television sometimes puts me in precarious positions. For example, the announcement that the 11th Doctor is just some dude makes me a little anxious.

I mean, he's just some dude. I don't know him. Do you?

What if he's got, like, a Dalek in the woodpile, y'know? It could be disastrous!

But in the end, you sometimes have to simply trust the whims of the entertainment gods. It occasionally works out okay, like Scrubs' transition to ABC. Sure, I was worried, but it looks like everything got off to a good enough start.

We'll just have to hope the Doctor Who changes are equally as smooth.
  • At Large and in Charge: According to Cracked, 2008 was the year we took over. I had no idea. Why didn't I receive a memo?
  • The Most: My pal Church let me know that earlier this month our own MC Frontalot was interviewed by entertainment site Kwanzoo. Therein he discussed his first PAX gig, that sticky genuine-vs.-novelty-act aesthetic of nerdcore, and 2 Skinnee J's. Check it.
  • This Just In – Bill O'Reilly Still Gay: Guess who's taken credit for the recent round of high-profile Twitter hacks? Our old friends from Digital Gangster, of course! DG, you truly are a constant source of entertainment.
  • Nerdy Motivation: Genetic Anomaly has amassed an amazing collection of RPG-themed motivational posters. I humbly suggest that this one be integrated into your new sig file.
  • Da DON: Rhyme Torrents mastermind DON VITO has made a collection of his own geek funk instrumentals available for free download. These are some amazingly solid beats perfect for use in working up new flows, crafting nerdcore mash-ups, or simply cribbing for use as podcast background music. I will be doing at least one of those.
  • The Sleeping Dragon Awakes: My bro Super Dragon X dropped a mixtape in late December that I am only now getting around to pimping. It's entitled Where the Fuck is Your Album? and collects some top-shelf material from the Metamystiks MC that may or may not already be in your collection. Dragon always brings the fire, so this is an easy recommendation.
  • Pure Poison: Another 2008 release that I'm only now getting the chance to plug is from the enigmatic KABUTO. The great Python compiled a number of unreleased tracks into SHED SKINS: A COLLECTION OF SHIT THAT SUCKS, though the title is a little off base. There's some good stuff in there, even if KABUTO doesn't quite think it's up to snuff.
  • Back From the Dead: At long last, Ultraklystron has resurrected his old Nekodashi site. This means that Karl's albums are once again available for purchase – with the whole of his original material available for a mere $30 – but it also means that 14 of his releases are currently available as free MP3 downloads! And before you ask: yes, nerdcore masterpieces Opensource Lyricist, Romance Language, and Revision4920 are included. Get on that shit!
  • No Ran in '09?!: Random's New Year's resolution is not to release music in 2009? Say it ain't so! Well actually, it ain't; Ran will drop Mega Ran 9 this year, but other than that he plans to spend '09 working on the business aspect of his rap career. Could this include putting together more music videos? Probably.
  • Both Music *and* Gaming: I was unable to attend this year's MAGfest – much to Shael's chagrin – but thankfully it seems everyone else was. Be sure to check out some of the more interesting recollections of the festival.
  • Hidden Jewels: I realize I am sometimes late to the party with regard to earth-shattering revelations, but, in case anyone else missed it, there's a Grammar Club chiptune cover album. It's freely available through their site if you know where to click on the homepage. I could tell you more, be that would be wrong.
  • Get Your Degree in Gameology: My new friends the Brilliant Gameologists will be hosting a live show via Ustream at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday, January 8th in celebration of BG Meg's birthday. Learn how to throw your own mini-con, uncover what shameful acts the Gameologists performed on New Year's Eve, and find out what the fuck a "Because it's Saturday" party is in this hour of mirth and mayhem. Tell 'em Z. sent you!
  • Shall I Compare Thee to a Blue Shell?: Taking us home in what I hope was an enlightening first NNIB of 2009 is this vid from Sam Hart (AKA: blinktwice4y). It's an acoustic ballad that connects love and Mario Kart in a manner most sublime. Take a listen, and then go buy the track at cdbaby.


Church said...

I feel bad enough about missing MAGfest once again, but don't tell me Shael was there.


Meg @ Brilliant Gameologists said...

Aw! Thanks for the plug Z! The live show was SO much fun (after we ran through 4 computers to get ustream up and working. Thought an hour and a half would be plenty of time to set up and eat beforehand... ha!)

You rock.

-Meg @ Brilliant Gameologists, the Birthday Girl

Z. said...

Oh, I'll tell you, by God!

Not a problem, Meg. Hated that I missed it, but daddy duty sometimes means I miss out on a good time.