Friday, December 12, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Today marks the 1st Day of Geekmas. It's only the second major project I've ever attempted at – the other being HipTrax – and I'm really hoping it will be successful.

I mean, seriously, the guys and I were able to score an amazing amount of cool shit this year when the giveaway was more or less a whim, so I can only imagine the kind of stuff we could get if this were to become an annual occurrence!

So go by GeekDad and toss your name in the hat to when a wicked-awesome mini R/C R2D2. But first, Nerd News in Brief.
  • Old Beef, New Beef: Earlier this week, MC Lars announced that he had squashed his beef with mc chris. Of course, later he unwittingly tagged over the old R.E.M. graffiti at Charlotte's Milestone, so y'know, Peter Buck is gonna be on that ass now.
  • Eight is Enough (Or Not): In case you missed it, there's a new addition to the Rhyme Torrents family. The community birthed the eighth volume of its continuing nerdcore compilation project last Sunday. Congrats to its many proud parents.
  • Please Don't Call it a Period: Also from the RT meta-community comes episode 5.5 of Vagina Deep in Podcast. This edition features a new theme song by my pal funky49 and an interview with Whore Moans. And also a decimal.
  • Move Over Santa: According to our friend Hex Warrior, December is Random's month. Hex named Ran Nerdpalooza's artist of the month this week, and I can't help but agree that he's a most worthy candidate.
  • Turkish Gold: And speaking of Nerdapalooza, an article about the event recently appeared in the Turkish version of Billboard magazine. Images of me are inexplicably included with those of actual important people. But how were the poor Turks to know?
  • Moving on Up: I will now pause to reflect on the fact that my friend Church got front-paged at Tech Dirt earlier this week after submitting a story about an alleged MP3 resale site. See? He does everyone else's research too!
  • Meh: And speaking of Church, he hipped me to this list of 10 Essential Nerd Rock albums from InsideNOVA. For the record, my list is totally fuggin' different. (Okay, maybe I'll give them Flood.)
  • And Also: Church is currently looking for a musician to create three short
  • pieces for a news podcast: an intro, outro, and bridge. If you're interested, just leave a comment here, as Church is far more aware of what goes on around this blog than I am.
  • More Calls For Help: Also looking for an assist is Jason Scott. Jason is planning to film Frontalot's New Jersey show on December 14th. If you've got adequate gear, he'll cover door and drinks. Full details here.
  • They Call 'em Snogs: On the WRock front, Matt presents a lusty clip from this year's Yule Ball. Behold as Lauren Myrtle lays a wicked smooch on Whompy. Now feel free to descend into fits of bitter, bitter jealousy.
  • Fa-la-la-la-la-EX-TER-MIN-ATE!: Only in Baltimore would it be traditional to decorate your Daleks for Christmas. In a related story, I totally need to move to Baltimore.
  • Why Chicago? Why Not!: Dan (of Nerdcore For Life) won second place in the "Why Chicago" Olympic video contest. This netted him $5,000 worth of the video production gear, which is, oddly enough, better than the first prize. And with that Crapbot Productions slinks ever closet to legitimacy.
  • Does This Count as Nerd Ink?: Owls are the poindexters of the animal kingdom. I'm just sayin.'
  • And They Said it Couldn't be Done: Taking us out this week is the new video for GOSHone's "Newteknowledge." It was shot entirely on GOSH's iPhone, which makes it extra-nerdy!


Matt said...

"In a related story, I totally need to move to Baltimore."

Yes, you do!

funky49 said...


A friend of Z is a pal of mine. I have asked for "Music Composition for Dummies" for Christmas. Perhaps I can be your Huckleberry?

Church said...

Fort he record, the podcast pieces are for a news podcast for a non-profit lobbying association. They're testing now, and using the NBC Nightly News theme as a temp track, so they'd probably like something along those lines (chiptunes, e.g., might be a tough sell.)

Also, if I had a decent camera, I would totally make Jason regret that whole 'drinks' bit.

Also, we need to put the Z in Baltimore. Or something like that.

Sangriaa said...

Oh! Z!

April 24th of next year is my 21st birthday, I'm planning (with the wonderful help of Hex) a nerdcore/hip-hop show in Orlando at Taste. If you and fam want a vaca.. it'd be awesome to meet them all and see you again! ^_^

Z. said...

All we have to do is convince the wife, Matt.

After listening to the theme funk made for VDiP, Church, I think he's your man.

Thanks for the offer, Sanny. I'll see what I can do. :)

Matt said...

"All we have to do is convince the wife, Matt."

Some of the top hospitals in the country for her to work in. Some of the top public schools in the country for the kids. What isn't there to love?

jessica said...

ummmm...gosh one's shit is terrible.