Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Help Me Help You

By now you’re all familiar with the fact that, in addition to my nerdy ramblings here-abouts, I write for the GeekDad blog over at It’s a great outlet for me because it generates a little cash for the fam and even lends a modicum of legitimacy-by-association to what I do at Hipster, please! It also gives me a chance to mix my musings regarding nerd culture with talk about issues (like fatherhood and children’s music) that wouldn’t exactly fit the tone of this blog. In short, it’s a little extra work, but it’s worth it.

The thing I like most about GeekDad is that often the things I do there play directly into the goings-on here and vice versa. This holiday season, for example, the GeekDads and I have put together a very special promotion that I think you’ll all be interested in.

It’s called the 12 Days of Geekmas, and it’s essentially a dozen days of giveaways. Starting this Friday, Ken Denmead and I will post a written piece and a related podcast each morning to celebrate the season, talk up some nerdy music, and, most importantly, give away a ton of cool shit.

Up for grabs will be everything from Lego sets to bead sprite art, from t-shirts to DVDs. And of course there’ll be lots and lots of geeky CDs. We approached 15 or so sponsors, each of whom was more than happy to give us stuff to give to the readers. As I look as the growing pile of swag in my den, I am rather amazed by both the quality and quantity of what’s to be presented.

While I can’t explicitly tell you what we have, I am at liberty to mention that sponsors include ThinkGeek, MAKE, PBC Productions, MC Lars, Uncle Monsterface, Year 200X, The Protomen, and Doctor Popular. Pretty sweet, huh?

What’s even better is that all you have to do to enter is write a response to the daily 12 Days of Geekmas post before midnight. Each morning we’ll choose a winner at random before we unleash upon the unsuspecting yet another fine selection of prizes.

So whether you’re a parent or not, keep a keen eye on GeekDad over the coming weeks. We will be brightening up the holidays. With swag.


funky49 said...

If it's free it's my precious.

Matt said...

free shit? Oh yeah. When picking winners, don't forget all the shit I've done for you. Let's start 2009 off on a good foot, OK?