Friday, November 14, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

In a week that's seen the (thankfully non-fatal) YTCracker/MC Lars/MC Frontalot tour van crash and mc chris (once again) apologize to the nerdcore community, things can not conceivably get any weirder. Or can they?

Such events have led me to one simple and irrefutable conclusion; the end is nigh.

To further drive home this point, I will now call to your attention that today is the birthday of one Schaffer the Darklord. If my star charts and sacred geometry are accurate, Schaff is, by my rough calculations, 666 years old. This, of course, means that he will soon rise to power and govern for seven years of peace. Before, y'know, eventually gathering the masses of his father's black army to charge headlong into the battle of Armageddon.

Bow before the son of perdition! Also wish him a happy birthday!

And while we wait for what will surely be our bloody and painful end, here's some Nerd News in Brief.
  • Kiss and Make Up: As previously mentioned, mc chris has started what can be casually termed an atonement thread over at Rhyme Torrents. His wish is to "squash every shred of beef before the new year," and to that end he is answering questions and explaining his sometimes inflammatory actions of the last year. For those of you who only make an annual pilgrimage to the RT forums, this is certainly the thread to plumb.
  • Short:Also from the mc chris file comes this piece from Charleston's The Post & Courier. It's a (very) brief interview with mc. It's important, however, because therein he mentions his current cartoon project, which also comes up in his RT thread.
  • Gonna be His Man: As a result of the aforementioned auto accident, MC Frontalot is looking for a replacement tour keyboardist. (NPR wasn't hurt in the accident, but his nerves were far to frazzled to carry on.) Do you play keys? Are you familiar with Front's catalog? Are you looking for work? Give the bespectacled one a holler!
  • Watch Out Boy, She'll Chew You Up: Church points out that the University of Missouri – Columbia Maneater loves Frontalot's new album. It does, however, erroneously name "Wallflwoers" the album's best track when we all know that title goes to "A Skit About Vocations."
  • There be Dragons: Also from Church is this link to the Googlemaps version of Cloverfield. It's like watching the movie all over again. Only much more awkward.
  • Something Old, Something New: This week's releases are what you may term "exciting". On one hand we get a collection of classic Metamystiks material (i.e.: all their shit) compiled in one simple package in the form of Children of the Sword. On the other we get brand new hotness from Able-X's concept album The Butterfly Effect. Can you get them both for free? Yes you can!
  • Special Guest: The newest edition of The Geekly Weekly features an interview with anime voice actor Kyle Hebert. He's worked on shows such as Dragonball Z and Bleach, which I assume everyone save my anime-illiterate ass already knew. Take a listen.
  • Tonight's the Night: Oh, to live in Gotham! It seems like I miss out on all the good shit due to my not living in New York. Wait, you live in NYC, don't you? Then, by gods, you better head out to Otto's Shrunken Head at around 10ish tonight for a free show from my friends Uncle Monsterface and Shael Riley and my not-really-a-friend-but-I'm-sure-he's-a-great-guy Sudden Death! Yes this free show is free! Go there. Get drunk. Buy stuff. Kiss Marty! This I command!
  • Sins of the Father: And while you're buying shit, be sure to pick up the new limited edition "Father of Death" 7" from The Protomen. The vinyl also comes with a digital download code that lets you get the single and b-side (in this case "No Easy Way Out" of Rocky IV fame) to boot. Get 'em now while they can still be got.
  • And Lest I Forget: Tomorrow is the big day for my pal Anthony's West Coast Wigout, a nerdcore and VGM show featuring The Megas, ZeaLouS1, and… wait… Sudden Death? How the fuck is he pulling that off? At any rate: 10 bucks, 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM, CIA. Be there.
  • An Icy Chill: How else could we end a week so genuinely fucking odd than with this submission from Matt? It's Jonathan Coulton performing "Creepy Doll" live in Manchester with special guest Neil Gaiman. Be afraid.

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