Tuesday, October 07, 2008

To the Victors

The past several weeks have seen the Rhyme Torrents community abuzz with excitement concerning its first ever 2-on-2 battle rap tourney. It was a very ambitious undertaking, given the RT legacy, but I really have to give it up to all the competitors. It was my honor to be among the panel of judges for this competition – although, admittedly, I had to sit the crucial final two rounds out for obvious reasons – and now that's it's all said and done the most dynamic of duos has stepped forward to accept the crown.

Rubiks Dudes, composed of the Midwest's MadHatter and the Northwest's MC Gigahertz, came correct from day one. They managed to bring to each round of musical combat a brand of aggression and humor that translated into a hard-fought but certainly warranted victory. Congratulations to both artists for a job well done. In a contest full of lyrical heavyweights - Myf, Epic1, T.y.T., ZeaLouS1, The Ranger, Maja, etc. – they really managed to prove their mettle.

If you missed this clash of the nerdy hip-hop titans, or if you'd simply like to relive the competition, you'd be a fool not to check out Rhyme Torrents 2v2 Tournament - The Mixtape! It's a free download from DON VITO and the RT crew that's certainly well worth your time.


Church said...

Is there a torrent?

DON VITO said...

Yeah, you can grab it @ TPB here: