Monday, October 06, 2008

Rosemary’s Maybe

After my fairly lengthy absence from these Intertubes, I am finally beginning to get back in the groove – a groove which, I have been assured, is in the heart. Thankfully, my return happens to coincide with that geekiest of holiday seasons, Halloween.

Long-time readers of the blog surely realize that this is the time of year that I really shine, but n00bs might not be familiar with my seasonal rituals. Therefore, I shall drop some science.

First and foremost, each October listeners of Radio Free Hipster are promised 2 podcasts wholly dedicated to the spookier side of geeky music. I’ve already completed the song list for part one (Ep. 53); it’s an episode all about monsters and creatures of myth, and it features mc chris, Heightened Titans, Zombies! Organize!!, and Simon Iddol. Part two (Ep.54) looks to be focused on the supernatural, and I’ve got tracks from Mustin and Snidget on tap. Should you have any suggestions of songs about ghosts, magic, or other assorted metaphysical funkiness you’d care to throw into the mix, don’t hesitate to let me know.

I also tend to do a horror-themed feature this time of year, and, while I don’t have anything specific lined up, I’ll see what I can do. Truthfully, I’m so far behind on my interviews and album reviews already that I certainly don’t need the extra work, but, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll have to see what I can cook up.

In the meantime, expect ample creepiness in the next few NNIBs and various other posts. Pazuzu is the reason for the season!


stephen said...

look forward to hearing you fill it with ghoulish delites.. which i guess reading that, sounds like a
hot dish flavored cookie.. to me anyway. ghoolash delights.
in more important news. i created an undead warlock in WOW that goes by the name, Ghouldielocks.. yes

my 13 year old nephew confirmed it as the greatest name ever.

but anyway, wish you the best Z, peace


DON VITO said...

The Triple-Six Mixtape was just released on

It's essentially 13 brand new Nerdcore Rap tracks focusing on horror & paranormal themes.

Check it out here:

DPS said...

Hey Z, I'd like to recommend my album - The Triple-Six Mixtape. We have a bunch of new horrorcore themed tracks on the album. You, or your readers, can download the whole album here.