Monday, July 07, 2008


I've been back home for approximately 24 hours, and most of that has been spent in blissful convalescence. Sleep is obviously a rare and valuable commodity in Orlando.

I can only describe the Nerdapalooza experience as amazing. I saw dozens of my favorite acts and found almost as many more to add to the list. I met Wordburglar, a man who treats every fan and fellow performer like his new best friend. I hung out extensively with Myf, DJ Snyder, and int eighty, three cast who are as friendly, genuine, and engaging as they are talented. I talked community with Quartz Relic of Magitek, a crew that knows a thing or two about family and made me feel like a new addition. I drank with MisterB, a man who always roles high on Constitution checks. I could go on, but there'll be time for more elucidation later.

Rather than a "lost weekend," this may very well have been my found weekend. What I found were friends, comrades in arms. And fortunately I also found my way back to SC. Nerdapalooza was the place I fit in, but this is where I belong. I'll be writing much more about my experiences over the coming days, but right now I'm just enjoying the simple pleasures of my family life. I reckon I missed them even more than I realized.

The life of the roving nerd is rewarding, but not without its drawbacks.


myf said...

Good to hear that you got back safely!

Justin said...

Glad to hear you made it back in one, piece. Hope to see you in Orlando again.

Steffo said...

Can't wait to hear the updates after that mass of geek. A lot to digest I'm sure. We here at our computers missed the Z as well.

Ms Nikki Nefarious said...

Thanks again!

Z. said...

Thanks, Myf! Glad you and Kal made it back to Maryland alright.

It was great to meet you, Justin, and I hope I can get back to Orlando soon.

I missed y'all too Steffo, and you are coming to Nerdapalooza '09 whether you want to or not! ;)

No problem, Nik!

Schaffer the Darklord said...

As baited as our collective breath may be for your Nerdapalooza wrap-up, we shall remain patient while you reintegrate with your very lucky family. (Right, y'all?!) 'Twas a pleasure and an honor to finally make your acquaintance in the physical realm, good sir.

Kashky said...

It was great meeting you!!! Glad you got back in one piece. We'll miss you here, but 2009 is right around the corner!

Z. said...

The pleasure was mine, Schaffer! You are easily the most congenial being of pure malice I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

Thanks so much, Ka$h! Next year I'll make it a point to be around for your WHOLE set. :)