Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

In a world where Jesse Helms has hurried up and died and Jesse Jackson has threatened to emasculate Barack Obama, I must resist the urge to get all political on that collective ass in this edition of NNIB.

By the same token, I must resist the urge to make it all about Nerdapalooza. The first few items are steadfastly rooted in the festival and its participants, but there’s some other stuff too. I’ve got two weeks of news to deal with, so I hope you're sitting comfortably.
  • Pictures to prove it: For those of you looking for a visual representation of what you missed in Orlando last weekend, there are many options. My friend Denika took a lot of great shots (which are only now beginning to surface), as did Sudden Death, funky49, Dual Core, and scores of others. What pictures are your favorite?
  • The sound of things to come: Also from Nerdapalooza comes news of new albums from, y’know, everyone. Wordburglar announced his follow-up album Thirdburglar; MC Frontalot and crew dropped some (secret) knowledge about guests on their new Final Boss; Krondor Krew and Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew announced their Pirates vs. Ninjas project, and Random, Schaffer the Darklord, and Pixelh8 all spoke of new material. More news as it becomes available.
  • Contractually obligated: Sangriaa made me promise to include her in my next Nerd news In Brief. Consider yourself included. :)
  • Sponsorship has its privileges: I also need to give a shout-out to Steffo, Stephen, and funky49 for donating to my Nerdapalooza travel fund. I scored just enough from these cats to cover that last emergency fuel stop I had to make crossing back into SC. This is good, because the money I had originally spent on that gas was earmarked to buy the D&D 4th edition Player’s Handbook. Henceforth I roll in their honor.
  • Gotta be he: Props to Aussie hip-hopper The Ranger for his new song “Gonna Be.” It’s a smoking track in the hard-living spirit “Rap Bukowski.” Peep it. Bump it. Love it.
  • Grammar Club get up get coffee: The Grammar Club has just offered up a superlative cover of Coulton classic “Code Monkey.” Jonathan said so himself. His fans? Not all feeling it. Bump the track and then go weigh in on this great debate.
  • Until you make it: Brad Sucks also has a new single. It’s called “Fake It,” and he’s looking to pair it with the most cliché music video ever. If you think you can help, give Brad a shout.
  • He’s a supermodel?: Ultraklystron has a new track as well, and it is lyrically fierce! Take a listen to “On Game,” and then give Karl back his lunch money. He will cut you, man!
  • Welcome to his level: Our lovable Mega Ran has broken into the blogging mainstream as a new contributor at That Videogame Blog. Big up to Ran and, by extension, me; Random still has my Nerdapalooza VIP badge, so it’s kinda like I’m doing it too. Right?
  • I mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating: G Minor 7 has a number of really cool musicals under his belt. Two of note are 29 and Reality: The Musical. One’s about growing up and how it may or may not relate to growing old, while the other’s about the bane of the modern man: reality television. Peep both at MySpace and be sure to friend ‘em. Nerdy music is more than just songs about Transformers!
  • Dress to impress: This Sunday (July 13th) Dante’s in Seattle is hosting the first annual Summer Semi-Formal featuring the chiptastic Leeni and local rap nerds/hip-hop superheroes Southside. The show starts at 9:00 PM, and since I’m a whole nation away I’m hoping a kind native will go check it out and report back to me. Anyone planning to attend?
  • Southern Comfort: Speaking of cool stuff to check out, be sure to listen to the latest episode of the Gamewave podcast. Not only will you get to hear great VGM and chiptunes (as well as some delightful British accents), you’ll also hear nice mentions of GM4A, Rocket Propelled Radio, and even little ol’ me. Oh, what charmers!
  • Pure nerd: And while I’m plugging the songs, gigs, and ‘casts of my friends, let me remind everyone that RhymeTorrents.ORG (note the extension) has a really cool exclusive interview with Frontalot that dropped earlier this month. Check it out and leave nice comments.
  • Nerd Ink, Undead edition: Church hit me up with a link to this piece on the zombie tattoo guy. I’m sure he has a perfectly serviceable name that his mom gave him, but he’s pretty much become the zombie tattoo guy at this point. Dennis, I’d like your comments on this dude's dedication to the ghoulish cause.
  • Hippie WRock: My buddy Matt shared his thoughts regarding both the Monsters of WRock tour, which he recently attended, and the forthcoming Portus festival, for which he’ll be leaving shortly. Check it out and bask in how seamlessly he shifts from Wizard Rock to jambands and back. It’s almost frightening. Oh, and if you’re gonna be in Dallas for the event, give Matty some love on my behalf.
  • Her enthusiasm, it is unlimited: And speaking or WRock show reviews, be sure to check out Snidget’s take on the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo. And don’t worry, Snidge, I gave Uncle Monsterface an extra helping of love when I saw them last weekend!
  • Attention hosers: My pal Snake Eyes is looking for nerd musicians – nerdcore, geek rock, WRock, VGM, chiptune, what have you – in the Toronto area for a special project he’s trying to put together. If you’re a southern Ontario nerd who makes with the sweet sounds, give Snake a holler.
  • More Uke: Rather than end on a ‘Palooza vid, I thought It'd be fun to let you know what Optimus Rhyme have been getting into. Here’s a video for their newest track. Now if only we could convince them to tour with the Accio Bodyguard gals!


Justin said...

I have yet to play my first 4E game. I can't wait though, the Penny Arcade podcasts have me all excited about it. Shame the online stuff isn't out yet though.

Z. said...

I hear you, Justin! I don't even have a local group to play with, but the PA casts have got me excited about the new system.

Sangriaa said...

I think I just suffered a ministroke from the excitement and lawls I got from this post.

Doctor prescribes reading more and promoting more of Hipster, please. Done and done.


Justin said...

I have a couple of friends who have expressed interest in getting a group together, but organizing a meeting between us just hasn't panned out yet. We all have weird schedules. I haven't played D&D since I was 12, I had the parents that thought it was evil, so that's adding even more excitement to the prospect of picking up the dice again.

Matt said...

You forgot to link to the review of the WRock show

Z. said...

Glad you dug it, Sanny. :)

I came from a "D&D is da debbil" household myself, Justin, so I can relate. Maybe we all need to put our heads together and create some sort of play-by-post game that we can do via BBS/Twitter/what have you in our spare time. Any thoughts, nerds?

That I did, Matt. Thanks for coming through with the save.

Anthony said...

@Sangriaa I think I get that feeling you just had everytime he mentions me or my site. Even though he has mentioned me innumerable times! It's sort of like a drug.

Anonymous said...

There it is! Thanks for the mention. "Gonna Be" has proven to be my most popular track that I've done so far, particularly with friends who aren't really into hiphop at all. It is my new personal anthem :)

obsessive blonde said...

I want to join in the 'thanks for the mention and link' party. I feel like a nerdy princess now, ha. :) Way cool.

Matt said...

Z, don't worry, I still take you for granted.

Now fix the it so you're linking to my review, fucking slacker.

Z. said...

And, you and Snidge continue to overestimate my importance!

I'm really digging the new track, Ranger. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry about that, Matt, I've got a house full of sick people, so I am being a bit slack. I'll fix it now.

Antisoc said...

I was thinking they were going to play the ukulele. I guess they kind of did. Not in the way I expected. Brings a new meaning to "ukulele abuse."

funky49 said...

"D&D is da debbil"

I was guilted into burning my old manuals. Anyone else?

Justin said...

I never owned any D&D Manuals back in the day, but my parents did burn my Magic: The Gathering cards :(

funky49 said...

clearly we need a support group in which we paint ourselves black and dance around a fire in a wicked way.

Z. said...

For me there was ample guilt but no burning. I do think the wicked fire dancing is in order, though.

Justin said...

I just remembered this on the drive home from work. When I was 14 or so I borrowed a D&D book. I hid it under my bed because I couldn't let my parents find it. I just found it funny thinking that most kids my age were probably hiding an issue of Playboy under their bed, I had manual on Chromatic Dragons.

Anonymous said...

It's times like this that I have to pity Americans. We Aussies were allowed to freely and openly practice our Gygaxian religion.

My 1st edition Player's Manual and Dungeon Master's guide have always featured prominently on the bookshelf along with good old Unearthed Arcana.

As such, I feel no need to participate in your wicked fire dancing ritual. But I would still like to because it sounds like fun.

Z. said...

It's important to remember, Ranger, that we 3 are all (I think?!) southerners, so we have crazy-ass Americo-Christian hoodoo to contend with. ;)

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