Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The pre-show

As I make my final preparations to leave for Nerdapalooza, I keep discovering these pleasant little surprises.

First, Josh and I unexpectedly scored the family van to make the trip down in, which is a definite upgrade from our previous ride. Then funky49 made a $4.49 donation to my travel fund (bringing the grand total of the contributions up to a whopping $4.49). And now I see that MC Frontalot and Wordburglar will be doing an in-store at A Comic Shop Thursday night! A free in-store! With free pizza and beer!

No one pinch me; this dream is just too good.


funky49 said...

Obama has $10.01 of my money.

McCain has $20.01 of my money.

Z. said...

LOL money.