Monday, June 30, 2008

YTCracker Redux

G4 finally decided to grace me with the embed code for their "It's a Nerd's World" spot featuring the one and only YTCracker. Saving me the trouble of, y'know, finding it myself.

At long last, behold:


Church said...

What's that stuff above the vid? Is that the embed code?

Anthony said...

yay i finally get to see it. he said "chiptune" which makes me more than happy with it!

Antisoc said...

Snap, that's Lars in there right behind him.

Antisoc said...

Is that Dangerously in there too?

Tyson said...

He doesn't want to let us download it, huh?

Z. said...

It looks fine to me, Church. You still seeing the code?

Thought you'd like that, Ant.

I don't think Jesse was around, Soc, but I'll ask.

And I think it's G4 that doesn't want us to DL it, Tyson. :)