Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Do you see this plate?

It is full.

I have a full plate.

I am currently working on 4 interview features and 5 album reviews, and damned if I haven’t just taken on one more of each. Sweet merciful shit!

I obviously don’t know when to quit.

But on the positive side, I did ship out all my sticker requests yesterday. So if you sent me your address, stickers should be forthcoming. I also tried to send everyone a nice little note. Whether they ended up in the correct envelopes remains to be seen.

I am, admittedly, spread a bit thin.

  • A place called home: To celebrate the release of his new album Starblazer, FLA nerdcore dynamo funky49 has totally revamped his official web presence. It is now 49% funkier.* Take a look for yourself.
  • Him against the world: Philly-born lyrical titan Random has a nice new interview up at Clap Cowards that you really need to check out. Therein Ran talks about his background, his musical motivation, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos, and Gang Starr. (Why don’t more people namedrop Gang Starr?!) My only complaint: not enough talk about his forthcoming release The 8th Day. Reckon I’ll have to press that issue in my next interview with him.
  • Open call: My friends from Game Music 4 All are gearing up for another compilation. Yes, another one. Already. This project is a tribute to the Sega Genesis (known to our foreign constituents as the Mega Drive). The deadline for submission is October 1st, and full details can be found in this post.
  • All the way live: My pal Antisocial recently played his first live show. And since some of us couldn’t make it down to attend, Soc was kind enough to make the video of his full set available. Peep the full half hour, all 784 MB of its glory, here.
  • Blame Soc for this: Pipetting all those well-plates, baby, sends your thumbs into overdrive. And spending long nights in the lab makes it hard for your love to thrive. When science tech meets 90’s boy pop, it’s called epMotion.
  • T-shirts! Get your t-shirts!: Nerdcore For Life t-shirts are back in stock. Get them while they’re hot, and, more importantly, get them while they’re available. These suckers sell out fast, so grab one now.
  • Burning down the South: Mega Man-centric rockers The Protomen have a trio of shows lined up this week in Kentucky and Tennessee: July 24th (tonight!) at Glassworks in Louisville, KY, Friday the 25th at Nashville’s 12th & Porter, and Saturday the 26th at JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga, TN. Show up and help ‘em give Wily what for!
  • AKA Sweatshirt Assassin: killsaly, one of my favorite DJ/producers, has just put the finishing touches on a remix of a mc chris’s “Hoodie Ninja.” Yes, I know a number of you no longer listen to mc chris, but I still do. Moreover, you should all still listen to killsaly. So check it out.
  • Delia all my life: Church recently sent me a link to this BBC post containing Doctor Who theme composer and early electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire’s experimental “dance” track. Delia invented techno. I’m just sayin’.
  • Pre-PAX Nerdcore Nirvana: Amid rumors of a break-up – I say “rumors” because until Wheelie Cyberman himself tells me that the band is gone for good I refuse to accept it – Optimus Rhyme has announced a pre-PAX show at the High Dive in Seattle on August 28th. To sweeten the deal, MC Frontalot, The Goondocks, and Beefy are also on the bill. Be there!
  • WRock around the clock: Virginia-based WRocker and dulcimer enthusiast (and friend of Hipster, please!) Snidget has announced info concerning her new EP To Dwell on Dreams, her up coming tour, and a button design contest. Check it out, and tell her I said hi.
  • Back in the Alley: And thanks to Matt for pointing me toward this recent edition of the Alleycast recorded live at this month’s Portus festival. Will it match the foulmouthed drunken revelry of the Letters vs. Numbers ‘casts recorded at Nerdapalooza? Listen to both and find out for yourself.
  • Their Stage:, which has, in recent months, featured nerdcore artists such as Beefy, Benjamin Bear, and Jaylyn, has a new video piece on nerdcore hip-hop. It boasts interviews with MC Frontalot and Nerdcore Rising director Negin Farsad, and it comes highly recommended. Give it a look and share your thoughts.
  • “Sweet as a natural 20!”: And rapping things up for this week’s NNIB is another installment of ultra-geeky web show Dice Jockies. This one broaches the age-old question: Power Girl, Princess Leia, or Xeni Jardin?

*Your actual funkiness may vary.


Antisoc said...

Why the frick can't they sell the gosh dang (pardon my french) Nerdcore for Life DVD already instead of some measly (albeit, very tastefully designed) shirts?!? It's not like we are going to get a showing in cowtown, USA. Although I bet there is still a pretty big router fanbase that would go see it... hmm... perhaps there will be a showing.

Matt said...

I have to agree with soc. Release the DVD! Few of us have any chance of seeing one of these festival screenings.

I mean the WRock girls were sending out DVDs before their first screening happened (folks officially pre-ordered the disk, only to suddenly have it show up in their mailbox). I guess this is yet another example of WRock being better then nerdcore? *runs*

JMarler said...

Would you like a "White shirt with black design" or a "White shirt with black design"

Looks like someone had a dyslexic moment ... I would know ;)

Antisoc said...

You haven't considered the possibility that the black design covers almost the entire shirt.