Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

My lovely wife is currently what can only be termed crazy pregnant. A lady should not be required to be as pregnant as she is right now. It just seems inhumane. Unnatural. Patently uncomfortable.

How a woman can carry an ever-growing child for nine months, and then, when it reaches its largest point, pass it in front of a room full of strangers, and not totally hate the frail, wailing creature that results is sort of amazing to me. And let us not forget that my wife’s already done this once before. She totally knows what she’s getting into.

Suffice it to say, in her current state, Em isn’t exactly in the mood for my unique brand of bullshitery. As such, I spend even more time than usual tending to Li’ X. or, failing that, entertaining myself.

To that end, I just purchased Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Should you care to take a hand at beating the ever-loving hell out of me via online multiplayer, my code is 1246-8385-6262. But don’t get pissed if I have to cut out of a match in a hurry. At this point childbirth is imminent.
  • Roll 1d20 for all the friends that I made: No sooner had I completed RFH 41 than I discovered that Doctor Popular had made his own tribute to Gary Gygax. Fuck! That totally should’ve been in the show! Check it out at thesixtyone or at the Drown Radio site to find out why.
  • Preliminary pimpage: On a related note, Doc also graced me with a sneak preview of his new album Me Geek Pretty One Day, and it’s pretty damn phenomenal. He manages to cover hip-hop, glitchy instrumentals, slightly skewed R&B, and even indie pop ably! Plus, there are a ton of extras, and, though they’re optimized for his fellow iPhone users, the MP3 ringtones and wallpaper work fine on other phones as well. But I’ve said too much! More on this as the release date draws nigh.
  • Easter gig = obligatory Peeps joke: funky49, Redvoid, Krondor Krew, and Emergency Pizza Party will be playing at The Uptown Bar in St. Petersburg on Saturday, March 26th. The flyer boasts music, alcohol, foosball, and bunnies. For three bucks a head, that’s a pretty sweet setup.
  • Why Can't I Shoot The Dog?: Comedy rap act Sudden Death has, at long last, released its new album Fatal Error. Priced at $9.99 for 16 tracks, 2 bonus songs, a video interview, and a video game, it’s a pretty easy sell. Sudden Death will also be playing some gigs that may (or may not) be in your area: 3/28-3/30 - Memphis, TN @ MidSouthCon, 4/4-4/6 - Stony Brook, NY @ I-CON, 4/25-4/27 - Richmond, VA @ RavenCon, and 7/4 - Orlando, FL @ Nerdapalooza II.
  • So rad the extra d is canonical: Geeky rockers Totally Radd! also have some shows lined up in the near future, starting tonight in Las Vegas at Revolution Lounge in the Mirage. The rest of the itinerary breaks down as such: 3/12/08 - Santa Fe, NM @ High Mayhem, 3/15/08 - Austin, TX @ NYLON Magazine Party, 3/16/08 - Austin, TX @ Emo’s, and 3/18/08 - Phoenix, AZ @ Ruby Room with The Minibosses!
  • Behind my whiskers: The collective bane of Dr. Wily’s existence, The Protomen, are also playing a number of gigs, specifically in Illinois. Here it go: 3/27/08 - Chicago @ Empty Bottle, 3/28/08 – Chicago @ Ronny's, 3/29/08 - Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep. They also have a new song up for free download. It’s about beards. I’m totally not making this shit up.
  • A winner is he: Last month, mc chris was interviewed by a program called The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, of which he is an alum. You can check out all three parts of the interview at mc’s site, and you can view a young Chris Ward's award winning piece at nerdcore.info.
  • Help a sister out: On the Wrock side of the fence, Matt reminded me to mention that Lena of The Butterbeer Experience is lobbying to be included, on some level, in the process of scoring Warner Brother’s take on the final chapter in the Harry Potter series. It’s a long shot and petitions like this don’t have the best track record, but dreams, my friends, are made of sturdy stuff! Peep Wizrocklopedia for the full story, and offer your signature to the cause if the spirit moves you.
  • New hotness: nYgel, no doubt sensing that I needed something to listen to, recently posted a new remix. Check out his MySpace for the “Hardly Tell Remix” featuring YTCracker, Elijah Lucian, Conyeezy, and what appears to be the guitar hook from the chorus of Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So.” Also on nYg’s MySpace player are around 1/3 of the tracks off his forthcoming release Free to a Good Home. You’ll wanna check these out.
  • ALL CAPS: Rhyme Torrents moderator Attack Slug also just dropped a new track. It features KABUTO and is called “Insanity.” He’s also made an acappella available in case other producers want to take a stab at remixing it.
  • Not to be confused with Scott: Via my pal Ant from GM4A, La Rock Inc. Records has a new compilation album coming out on April 8th featuring the likes of Dual Core and Square Wail. Moreover, each week La Rock will be posting tracks from the album on their MySpace player for your enjoyment. Check it out and spread the word.
  • Incontrovertibly pimp: And to wrap things up, here a little vid that Church hipped me to from nerdcore icon Monzy. It’s called “So Fucking Pimp.” And it is indeed.


Church said...

Wow. Give it another couple weeks, and you could probably do a show with nothing but EGG tribute songs.

Anthony said...

hey Z my SSBB code is 5327-0603-9752

hope to play you online sometime =D

Z. said...

I'm hoping some more will surface, Church. I think it's only fitting.

Sweet! Thanks, Ant. I'll add you tonight.