Saturday, January 19, 2008

Press and Release

Just yesterday I received a nice email message from my pal int eighty of Dual Core. In addition to exchanging our regular pleasantries and giving me an update on a couple of special tracks he and c64 are working on - yes, Dual Core will be appearing on the next Hipster, please! compilation, though not likely how you'd imagine - eighty also included a press release concerning the group's next album.

Since he seldom writes press releases and I seldom receive them, this seemed like just the thing to pass on to you. Behold:
It's official. The production on the third Dual Core album is in full swing. Dual Core's next album will be titled Lost Reality and is packed with all sorts of fresh goodness, new hotness, c64 beats, and int eighty nerd raps. While the work on the album has been rather low-key as usual, the few snippets that have leaked so far have been "extremely impressive," to quote one person's feedback.

Some people have asked how to prepare others who have not yet heard any Dual Core music. The answer is simple: do what MC Frontalot recommends and put it in the queue for examination ( -- 12.21.07). Considering the roster on the album, it's quite possible other overclocked nerdcore artists will recommend it as well.

Dual Core has been rather busy in addition to their album efforts. The group played shows at Defcon and the Google after-party at Ohio Linux Fest in the second half of 2007. Now in 2008, they are playing a show at the sold-out ShmooCon in Washington DC in February, Notacon in April, and Nerdapalooza SE in July. They also provided the official soundtrack for the Blockparty invitation (

Dual Core plans to release Lost Reality at Notacon 5, in Cleveland (April 4th through 6th).


Anthony said...

usually I'm not a fan of groups releasing albums too quickly because the albums tend to sound rushed and not a strong departure from their last album. but what Dual Core has done from Zero One to Super Powers, they are bad ass, their production is bad ass, and they can innovate and change their style and ideas superhumanly fast. They are the only exception to the "releasing albums too quickly" rule. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS NEXT ALBUM. I've often said that these are the hardest working guys in nerdcore, and this continues to prove that fact! =D

Z. said...

I tend to agree, Ant. I love that 64 and eighty aren't afraid to mix shit up. I've been nothing but impressed by their work so far, and I expect the next album to be even more amazing.