Friday, January 18, 2008

More Nerd News in Brief

Yesterday saw the season’s first snow in my corner of the deep south. Now, it wasn’t snow as most of you would recognize it. It was southern snow. That is to say that it was snow-like, but not the kind of fluffy powder that most of you enjoy. Our snow is icy and slushy, and, no matter how little falls or how much advance notice we have, we are wholly unprepared for it.

This means I got a nice day at home with Li’l X. Unfortunately we’re in the midst of potty training, so there was still work to be done. Dirty work.
  • I won a Gold at the Geek Olympics: This week SUNYIT celebrated Geek Week, and Hipster, please! was there. Actually it wasn’t, but Church was. Okay, Church wasn’t there either, but he did find this nice little rundown of the week’s events. That’s worth something, right?
  • For real this time: Church (and that delightful lady known solely as the GF) will be attending a nerd-friendly event this Saturday. Yes, the BSO SuperPops is gonna get their Sci-Fi on! Costumes are encouraged, so let’s hope they return with lots of photos and other hyper-geeky documentation.
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: My friends at The Grammar Club enjoyed their initial album release so much that they decide to do it again. Twice. These two new versions of Bremelanotide both boast new artwork and liner notes. One has a bonus track, lossless CD quality encoding, instrumentals in addition to the normal vocal versions of each track, and costs $5 (with the proceeds going to Child's Play.) The other one is still free. They also have some fancy new fliers for all your flier-related needs.
  • Number of the geek: The Grammar Club has recently reached a benchmark at music site The Sixty-One by hitting the number 10 spot on the hip-hop leader board: a geek music first. For those of you unfamiliar with this music marketing phenomenon, check out Doc Pop’s excellent explanation of the service.
  • Long live Wrock: My bro Matt hipped me to a new entry at the WizRocklopedia stating that the Schuyler twins have crossed the finish line with their Wizard Rockumentary. The finished film will be shown at Portus 2008 in Dallas, Texas this July. There will be movie merch available for purchase and, of course, much Wrockin’.
  • Hipster (girl), please!: MC Lars has just dropped a new video for his latest single “Hipster Girl.” You can read about the project at Lars’s blog, and you can even download a version for your iPod (and me for my Zune) here.
  • Collectively known as their genitals: Florida’s funky49, Redvoid, mCRT, MC Wreckshin, Sir-Up, and Betty Rebel recently came together to make a cover of Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick.” It’s not for the faint of heart, but it does make for a damn fun track. And Betty’s closing couplet will make it hard for you to ever look Willie Nelson in the face again.
  • New digs: My friend and fervent support Antisocial has a new Web site, and just because I’m too lazy to update the navbar today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out. Go. Check.
  • The bad decision club: Conyeezy joins me as a new inductee into the Holy Fuck I’m Gonna Be Walking Around With This Thing My Whole Life Union with his new Metroid Tattoo. It is a Tattroid, if you will. Behold its glory.
  • Spread the word: Church and the Ranger both hipped me to two different instances of the near-canonization of the word “nerdcore.” Apparently both in Australia and the States the term is becoming… well, I wouldn’t say relevant. Recognized. Becoming recognized.
  • One final LOL: I know everyone by me is probably getting a little tired of YTCracker's new meme, but they aren’t writing this blog. And thus, Tanner’s remix:


Anthony said...

I think my enjoyment of memes lasts five times longer than the average individual. Maybe longer!

Also, major YES on the metroid tattoo. very awesome. speaking of which, I think Girlz Melon updated his Nintendo Sleeve, definitely awesome, should check it out!

Also, all these folks are helping me build up courage for my own tattoo, and once my courage is at the proper level, next is the funding!

Church said...

Yeah, I've been known to beat a dead lolcat myself.

Z. said...

I love the GM sleeve. I'm putting together ideas for a NES villains half-sleeve myself. Hey, Anthony, you need to set up a Paypal drive to fund your Kirby tat. I'm in for a couple bucks. :)

Church, you, Anthony, and I need to form some sort of meme support group.

antisoc said...

O HAI! I IZ MARK, (o hai mark) I IZ ADICKTID 2 MEMEZ! CLAP CLAP CLAP! ware iz teh anona mousez i hear bout. I HUNGRY.

Anthony said...

hey z! just wanted to tell you, (and by proxy everyone that reads this) that I just reviewed the Super Barrio Bros LP! Also, i wanted to recommend both the bands 8 Bit Instrumental if you haven't downloaded their new album yet, it is AWESOME. and also, i figured if you enjoyed Depreciation Guild, you would enjoy one of my favorite lo-fi bands, The Flight Orchestra, he's an awesome guy and makes some of the best music I've ever heard =D

Alright, rant over!

Z. said...

Thanks for dropping the knowledge, Ant. I shall check them out right now!