Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Ah, the Crate Digger Death-match. Even now, I look back at you with a quiet fondness.

Even now, when I should well be spending my time dissecting the delicious albums you fostered with a team of gentlemen far more qualified to make such judgments than I am. A team that includes a bona fide experimental music god, geeky hip-hop’s premiere source of quality beats and catchy hooks, and my own favorite podcaster.

And me.

Because every band needs a Michael Anthony.

Let me dwell no longer upon your glorious majesty, oh Crate Digger Death-match, but before I return to my judging duties, allow me slip in a little Nerd News in Brief.

  • My shiny metal ass: The beer brewing Bender that Church hipped us to back in August is finally complete and fully functional. And it is a thing of beauty. Congratulations, New Zealander Simon Jansen, you win the Internet.
  • Okay, one more reference to the CDD: Don’t’ forget to make your way over to Doc’s Drown Radio site to cast your vote for best single in round 1 of the Crate Digger Death-match. At present, Bomarr is in the lead, but D-Form and Snake Eyes are building steam. If I say "Rock the Vote" will it seem too trite?
  • I can haz tribute song?: Last week I neglected to mention that the good Doctor had released a brand new nerdcore track. This one is dedicated to the noble lolcat, and it’s not to be missed. You cans dowanlode it naow.
  • Sweet merciful fuck!: It would appear that Doc’s song came a bit too late. Lolcats, it seems, are out. And so begins the age of the lolmutant.
  • For all you Cheap Ass Gamers out there: My pal BrĂ¼x directed me to this TIGsource BBS post concerning the greatest freeware games of 2007. These games are great. They are also free. I can’t imagine you need anymore information than that.
  • Even more deluxe than originally anticipated: Super Deluxe so loved Beefy’s cover of “Be Aggressive” from his new release The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Private Dick, that they posted an unflattering picture of him. I’m just glad to know that someone under the age of 30 can tie a necktie.
  • Join the Nerd movement: His Beefyness just so happens to be splitting a bill with game rockers Press Start to Rock and fellow nerdcore artist MC Gigahertz next Wednesday at Seattle’s Jewel Box Theater. It’s 5 bones at the door, and cheap at twice the price!
  • ATM is the greatest: YTCracker has a new video up on YouTube. He says of this groundbreaking track, “[I’ve] been trying to emulate a lot more mainstream rap so this is like my crossover track. [I] think my lyrics are on point.” It’s hard to argue with that.
  • Finally, the condoms make sense: My brother funky49 just turned me on to an up-and-coming Internet musical phenomenon known as Raymond Loves Jen. “Play with my Wii Remote” is destined to become the nerd sex jam of 2008.
  • Luke Skywalker, terrorist: Church has also alerted me to a recent blog post from Sweden’s (or Ireland’s, depending on how you look at it) _Paddy K_ outlining the terror tactics of the Rebel Alliance. And with that, the Axis of Evil goes multi-galaxy.
  • The finer points of Wrock: Matt would like to direct your attention to the brand-spanking new Wizard Rock FAQ created by those delightful ladies at the WizRocklopedia. It’s a primer for newcomers to the scene as well as new bands looking to garner a little Wrock clout. Take notes ; I will likely spring a pop quiz on you later.
  • C is for cover song: Today we’ll end on another jewel that Church dredged up on one of his daily YouTube raids. I have long suspected that Chris Barnes is, in fact, the Cookie Monster, and now I know for sure.


antisoc said...

lol money

Z. said...

YTC rules everything around me.

Church said...

"Vote the Rock!"

Z. said...

Now that's just clever! :)

D-Form said...

How about a mashup: Money Lol Catz

Z. said...

I'm sorry, Mr. Jansen, but D-Form has just won your Internets!

antisoc said...


Z. said...

Soc, you are a mad genius! :D

antisoc said...

D-form is the genius. I'm just the guy who patented his invention. :)

D-Form said...

Patenting others ideas = Lol money generator

Nice mix, you made my dream a reality.