Sunday, December 30, 2007

New ink and hard-boiled detectives

So inspired was I by today’s release of The Adventure’s of Beef Thompson: Private Dick – an album, coincidentally, that I helped name – that I celebrated the event by getting a tattoo.

Okay, that’s actually bullshit. I mean TAoBT:PD did drop today and I did get this snazzy D20 tat, but these events were linked by nothing more than the silver strings of coincidence.

Josh needs to put up some dishes!Still, many delightful occurrences did conspire to make this day a perfect storm of geeky goodness, and for that I must thank the many fine people who contributed.

Heartfelt thanks to my friend Denika for putting together the original flash for me.

Sincerest appreciation also goes to Hans, a gentleman that is, in my opinion, easily one of the finest and most talented tattoo artists in The Queen City. (He is also likely Charlotte’s tattoo artist that most resembles the cartoon incarnation of Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Much love goes out especially to my best friend Josh (A.K.A.: Seamonkey), for giving me the most kick-ass Christmas present ever.

And, of course, I gotta give a shout-out to my boy Beefy for providing the soundtrack to today’s festivities.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you download Beef’s latest release immediately. It’s a welcome addition to any collection.

I’d also suggest getting a bold, line-art tattoo that hearkens back to the golden age of tabletop roleplaying. But be forewarned: there is some mild discomfort involved.


Church said...

d20, d12, d6 GO!
d two oh!

Man, I've got to get up to speed with garageband...

Doc Pop said...

I love that tattoo!

Jason T said...

This man's THAC0 is not to be questioned.

Also evident: This man can wash dishes.

Beefy said...

holy balls! that tat is amazing! would you be upset if i stole it?

Z. said...

I'll provide the handclaps, Church.

Thanks, Doc! I'm pretty proud of it myself.

Yeah, Jason, apparently Josh and Nikki had a cocktail party over the weekend and those were the leavings.

Not at all, Beef. I've actually got Denika's original flash still floating around in my Gmail. I'll shoot you a copy. :)

Anonymous said...

Your arm is really hot


BoomBapHipHop said...

Wow Z, nice.

PS you got hit by boing boing too

Z. said...

Nah, the arm's not hot; Josh just has some really sexy dishes in the background. :)

Yeah, '30; don't I know it! I just hope Beefy's new disk is getting a bump from all this traffic. Finally my skinny arms might be doing some good around here! ;)

Shael Riley said...

Critical success.

Tintin said...

Awesome tattoo! You are my hero!

Z. said...

Why thank you, Shael, but I owe it all to my t-shirt of +2 to flex.

Thanks, tintin. I've always wanted to be a hero. ;)

Bob said...

Funny thing, I also have a D20 tattoo I got about 2 years back, and like yours, mine is misprinted although it would take a true dork to notice yours moreso than mine. On mine, the 20 and the 1 are right next to each other and on yours the 9 and 12 are not on opposite sides. (all opposite sides equal 21).

heres a photo of mine, wear it proud and laugh at the true dorks who can find the flaw.

My D20 Forearm"

Z. said...

Bob, it seems like there are a handful of us with D20 tats. Maybe we should form some sort of support group. ;)

My tattoo artist was very adamant about keeping the lines thick and the characters legible, so we had to shift some numbers around to make things work. And I do kind of relish the fact that anyone who notices the flaw is as big a geek as me!

Denika said...

Holy Jesus! I have been shitting myself for months thinking I gave you flash with the numbers misplaced. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I can breath again.

Z. said...

Unclench, Denika, unclench! ;)

Seriously though, the flash was fine. Better than fine: excellent! I just made a small concession with regard to realism in exchange for a more balanced and lasting piece. Since I was looking for a stylized and iconic image anyway, I felt like it was a small price to pay for ink with a little less tendency to bleed over time.

Oddly enough, I have yet to come across any D20 tat that's wholly accurate!

Louis said...

Fuuuuuuck....I bet Gygax just smiled in his grave when you got that done. Totally bad ass!

Louis said...

Hmm. Actually he probably didn't, since you got it done while he was still with us. But he WOULD have, I'm sure of it. =)