Monday, November 12, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

I’m a sucker for an Internet love story. No, not the one where the chick you’ve fallen madly for over IM turns out to be a dude. That one's kinda sad. I mean this one.

A young lady caught this guy’s fancy last Sunday on the 5 Train, but he lost her in the crowd before he could talk her up. So he did what any red-blooded American male would do: he bought a domain and drew a crude picture of her. But did it work out?

Well, apparently he found her, but they’re leaving the rest up to our imaginations. Just the way I likes it!

Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but shit like this really takes my mind off of the problems of the world… like the looming threat of a renewed Egyptian zombie attack.

  • Differentiation of Fat Joe’s Liquid Based Promiscuity: The rap game is complicated, and sometimes every head needs a little clarification concerning the directly proportional relationship between money and problems. In these instances, you might find the following charts and graphs helpful.
  • The sleeping beast stirs: DJ Snyder recently announced that a Metamystiks, Inc. mixtape was coming… eventually. While we don’t yet have a release date or a track list what we do have is cover art. You know how they do.
  • RAHM Radio: Need a little more Random in your life? Then may I humbly suggest you check out The Reform and Healing Movement West Coast Radio Show, hosted by Random and DN³. “RAHM Radio West (The RandomBeagle Show) is … formatted to showcase current quality Hip-Hop music by influential artists, classic joints, as well as music by RAHM Nation affiliates. Current events, movies, other entertainment, as well as community uplifting issues will be discussed.” The first episode of this weekly event is currently available for download and features Jay-Z, Little Brother, Common, Kanye West, and a new track from Random himself: an impressive line-up, to say the least.
  • Radio, Radio: Also on the subject of quality programming, Church mentions that his local public radio affiliate runs a weekly five-minute feature called “Digital Cafe.” Afterwards, these segments are posted as podcasts, and, as last week’s featured an interview with Bit Shifter, you’ll probably wanna check it out as well.
  • Book learnin': Matt turned up some really interesting reads concerning nerd culture last week. The first is an entry the CNET blog entitled “Welcome to Geek Culture.” The second is a scholarly paper from 2006 named “Geek Culture, The 3rd Counter Culture.” Read both and find the ample cultural conversation fodder therein.
  • Act now: Matt also points out that, according to, there are now less than 1,000 copies of the holiday-themed Jingle Spells Wrock CD left to order. If you wanna get in on this yuletide dorkery, now is the the time.
  • More charts, not hip-hop related: While rooting around at, my pal Brüx came across this brilliant Sci-Fi Starship Size Comparison Chart. Feel free to spend your afternoon geeking out over this thing. It is quite wonderful.
  • Remember the one where…: I’ll leave you with another Trek-related item, both because I’m really excited about attending tomorrow’s special screening of “The Menagerie” at my local Cineplex, and because Antisocial was nice enough to dig this one up for me. It’s a very Animaniacs-esque TNG episode guide, in song. Feel free to geek out to this one too.


Church said...

There's another starship size chart at

Be an uber geek and compare the charts!

Matt S said...

The Brooklyn train story reminded me of the Train Man story,

Short version. Tokyo geek meets a girl, not sure what he should do he turns to 2chan (the massive Japanese BBS) for advice. The story (supposedly real) unravels from there. The logs from the 2chan boards are online. There's also a book collecting them (and two movies, two mangas, an anime, and I think a regular TV show).

Nikki said...

seriously a process flow chart of whether one can "get it in the morning"...brilliant. now all I need is a gantt chart. I'll get right on that. 6ΣFTW!

Z. said...

Keep me in the loop concerning your progress, Nik. We need more charts up in here. ;)