Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The power of words

Shael Riley and Glenn Case will be on “a somewhat popular college radio program” this Thursday evening at 11:00 PM Eastern to talk about that delightful bundle of musical weirdnessBeefy McSmash known simply as The Grammar Club.

Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up or anything, but I am led to believe that this interview may finally answer the burning questions concerning the project such as what, exactly is The Grammar Club and why the fuck is Beefy now robot made of cardboard. Of course, given the enigmatic nature of the information currently circulating about the group (or total lack thereof), I won't be totally surprised if they just talk about dry cleaning or animal husbandry.

Regardless, be sure to check out the Club's Web site for further details, and don't forget to tune in!


Glenn Case said...
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Glenn Case said...

Mitch Hedberg talked about how it was unreasonable for him to expect a dry cleaner to be open at 3 in the morning. With more and more Martinizer locations going out of business each year, I'm starting to think that maybe it wouldn't be an unreasonable expectation after all.

Therefore: If the Grammar Club should fail as a musical entity, perhaps we could open up Grammar Club Dry Cleaning: Open 24 hours.

I figured that dry cleaners don't use water, thus the "dry" part, but what I did not know is the fact that solvents that aren't far removed from Kerosene and Gasoline ARE used. Therefore, I am proposing that the tears of our fellow nerds could be the key ingredient to a ridiculously effective solvent. We know enough nerds that we shouldn't even have to go far out of our way to obtain the tears that we need to make this successful.

This is all in the early planning stages, of course, but I think I'm on to something...

Furhtermore: I REALLY need to get into the habit of proofreading my posts before I hit the send key. It's a nasty habit.


Glenn Case

Church said...

Thank you, Glenn, for reminding me to send my suit to the dry cleaners (who, despite the moniker, use an awful lot of water.)

Also, I still don't get what TGC is all about. But at this point I'm keen to guess.

Z. said...

"This shirt is dry-clean only, which means it's dirty."

R.I.P. Mitchell :(