Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This was supposed to be the top story in yesterday’s NNIB post, but I totally flaked and forgot it as I was writing.

Senility is a bitch! A bitch that catches you unawares; it’s also like a ninja.

Senility is a ninja bitch!

But I digress.

Anywho, a week and a half or so ago Mark Vidler (also known as Go Home Productions) began making his entire back catalogue freely available via his Web site. Disks 1 through 12 of his 16 disk body of work are presently free for the taking, and the final few volumes should join them soon.

The disks themselves are arranged chronologically, so you can get a real sense for how GHP has grown as an artist. In addition to the mash-ups for which Mark is famous, the collection also boasts a lot of unofficial remixes and unreleased material. Hell, the files are even tagged for those iPod machines with artwork and whatnot.

In short, this is a helluva find and I highly recommended you take advantage of Mr. Vidler’s generosity.

You can score individual disks through the RAR links on his site, but your best bet is hitting the torrent for the whole kit-and-or-caboodle.

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