Sunday, September 02, 2007

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 29: About a Girl

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the bulk of the best songs written in the history of human language have been about women.

Is that so farfetched?

This episode of RFH presents a (baker’s) dozen of my favorite dorky tracks about the ladies. Some are sweet. Some are angsty. Some are fuckin’ filthy.

I’ll leave it up to you to determine which are which.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 29: About a Girl [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 42.6 MB Running Time: 46:36

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)
Okay, so maybe this track isn’t exactly about the ladies, but it does put you in a lovin’ mood, right? No? Just me? Okay.

Track 1: mc chris – “First Date”
“First Date” is both one of those classic album-less mc songs and one of the few floating around out there that isn’t exactly a rap track. You can check out a lot of mc rarities over at MDT’s place.

Z’s first interlude: “The soothing sounds of The Fine Print.”
This episode starts a little different than most in that I use the lengthy instrumental intro from “Strawberry Jam” as background music bed for my first voiceover.

Track 2: The Fine Print – “Strawberry Jam”
Does anyone out there have an in with Tycho? I seriously love all The Fine Print material that I have, but unfortunately that ain’t a lot. I really need more of their stuff.

Track 3: Quagmire / The Four Eyes – “Dylan McKay”
The Quagmire bit just seemed to fit perfectly between The Fine Print and The Four Eyes. Speaking of, buy Five Songs. It’s wonderful, even if the title is slightly misleading.

Track 4: Random – “Aqua Soul (Robot Love)”
Random is one smooth cat. Case in point.

Track 5: DJ Earworm – “Promiscuous Lola
The last couple eps have skimped on the mash-ups. I really felt it was time to work those back in.

Track 6: Grandmaster Pink and Diabolik – “Interplanetary Girls
Pinky and D always deliver. I hear rumblings from down under suggesting there is a new album in the works. I await it with baited breath.

Track 7: Long Duk Dong / Hidari – “Girl Girl Girl”
Wow. In retrospect, that intro bit could be construed as a little culturally insensitive. Hidari are gonna kick my honky ass!

Z’s 2nd interlude: “For all the women who are independent and all the men who are… co-dependent.”
Wow. That was pretty damn lame. Even for me.

Track 8: Party Ben – “Independent Room”
This is another mash that I’ve been sitting on for ages. I hope y’all dig it as much as I do.

Track 9: The Princess Bride / The Goondocks – “Sneak A Peak”
Every time I hear the delightful sounds of the Goons I am reminded of how very far away I am from the epicenter of geek culture, Seattle, WA, and I weep like an abandoned child.

Track 10: TYT & PCK – “Drunk Chicks (feat. YTCracker)
Nerdy South forever!

Track 11: Shael Riley – “Bits and Pieces
Shael is another cat with a new album in the works. I am working to get some exclusive tracks from said project. And by “working” I mean awkwardly shuffling my feet and stuffing my hands in my pockets in hopes that Shael will notice my subtle charms.

Track 12: Tenacious D – “Fuck Her Gently”
“That’s fuckin’ team work!”

Z’s final interlude – “We seldom limit ourselves to what is proper.”
I take a perverse sort of pride in the fact that I routinely include extremely offensive materials in this podcast. It's how I get in touch with my inner 12 year-old.

Track 13: Pigeon John – “Money Back Guarantee”
This is another track that Pinky turned me on to. Suffice it to say that he and I have very similar tastes in music.

Let me take a moment here to explicitly state that this podcast (along with damn near every other project in which I am involved) comes courtesy of my pal Antisocial. Soc provides me with the storage and bandwidth to make stuff like RFH and Nerdcore Undercover.

So, if you dig the podcast and other projects, thank Soc.

And if you hate the podcast and other projects, curse his name!


Church said...

Only got a couple songs in before I had to go out, but that MDT link is a treasure trove! How many more do you have up your sleeve?

Oh, and thanks, AntiSoc. I know we don't say it enough.

Church said...

Goddamn, Z!

I just had a conversation with an A-list Jazz guy (had done beats for the Backstreet Boys, was disillusioned with the fact that the Producer had chosen various measures from his offering and repeated them ad naseum.) Anyways, I was trying to hold up the potential of hip-hop and was searching for examples of 'producers' with an actual ear. That Minor Threat/Destiny's Child mash would have been a perfect example of what I was talking about.

And, once again, I'm reminded that the Goonies are all that. Why, oh why, do I keep forgetting that?

GI_Josh said...

Great episode Z. Thanks for making me smile during my first day of classes with Tenacious D and then your monologue aterwards. "Fuck Her Gently" was an anthem of mine in High School and it was awesome hearing it come up again out of nowhere. I also loved the mashups, they were very well done.
Keep up the good work, and I can't wait until the next fortnight is over so I can hear episode 30.

Z. said...

MDT also does a lot of great remixes, Church. Somehow I’ve managed not to play any thus far, as he was quick to point out! ;)

Glad you dug the ep, Josh. I always like to throw in a little of The D now and again, and that track is a classic. I’m already starting to get my sets ready for episode 30, and I’m thinking of maybe going a bit into uncharted territory. It mostly just depends on how closely the finish product resembles the idea I have in my head. Hopefully you’ll all know what I’m talking about come the 15th!