Friday, September 07, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Okay, so I only promised you one NNIB this week, but I’m about to serve you a second helping.

Are people really crying for more?

Probably not, but there’ve been some pretty interesting occurrences over the last few days and more than a couple of events on the horizon toward which I think you should turn your attention. Plus I had a little free time this morning so I figured what the hell.

Some stuff won’t wait til Monday.

  • Word To Your Photoshop Skillz: Tired of lolcats? Sick to death of “Chocolate Rain?” Then welcome to the world of Word To Your. Surely it will wax a chump like a candle.
  • Stone Fists: If you, like me, play guitar and love game rock but are just too damn lazy to figure out how to shred the shit out of "River City Ransom" on your own, Year 200x has answered your prayers. UltimateGuiatar.Com currently plays host to the only officially sanctioned and metalhead approved tab from Lansing’s favorite sons. You’ll need Power Tab software for the trick to work, but that is easy enough to procure.
  • Noncommittal mc: A recent blog post from mc chris indicates that he’s once again struck geeky hip-hop gold. The coy mc stated that he’d been asked “to play a private party in three weeks for a game company that is about to release the game of the year!” Hmmmm. So said company is about to release the game of the year, and, as mc goes on to say, said gig will be in Seattle. You do the math!
  • Vague mCRT: During last week’s marathon edition of The Takeover, Florida nerdcore artist and all around dirty wordsmith mCRT called in during one of the brief instances where an exhausted ZeaLouS1 et al were at a loss for words. In addition to acquainting the FCC with the proper use of the word “cock,” Rob also let slip that he’s already started laying the groundwork to secure some very special guests for next year’s Nerdapaloza SE. This act was described as a three member outfit with two members in the east and one out west. There are, conceivably, a couple of different outfits who fit the bill, but I’ve got my own (wholly unconfirmed) suspicions.
  • Charming: This weekend Baltimore makes its move to steal the geek culture crown by playing host to two events you’d be a fool to miss. (A fool, I say!) Of course Saturday and Sunday will boast Charm City’s famous Baltimore Comic-Con at the Baltimore Convention Center. Frank Cho will be there, and I have it on good authority that he will be drawing buxom young ladies. Seriously. Also, this Saturday The Talking Head Club will play host to the 8-Bit Meltdown Marathon featuring BIT SHIFTER, NULLSLEEP, and the Power Gloved hands of Shawn Phase. There’s no better way to spend 7 bucks. I already checked.
  • “I feel like it’s on fire.”: Church, Matt, and I are all fairly certain that this cat is taking this piss out of nerd musicians, but, in case you’ve missed him on Boing Boing and Digg, here’s some Ronald Jenkees to kick off your weekend.


Church said...

From the BCC schedule:

11:00-11:50 Comic Chat with Chaykin and Cho
Found out what two of the most talented creators in comics are working on and their general philosophy on art and life. Women welcome.

OK, just me or is that last bit a little... creepy?

GI_Josh said...

Ronald Jenkees is interesting...he is very sincere...and his beats rock.

Z. said...

Very creepy, Church, but also wholly expected.

His beats are a thing of beauty, Josh!