Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Being an Internet Celebrity isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, a fact to which the Numa Numa and Star Wars kids can attest.

The shirtless, tattooed dude to whom I alluded earlier this week also found this to be true. The Vancouver Sun has reported that the man in question turned himself into police yesterday. He didn’t steal the iMac himself, though. Of course not! He got it from a guy who got it from a guy. (I’m guessing the fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck ship had already sailed at this point.)

The unnamed mastermind showed up with a lawyer and his name is being withheld pending an investigation.

Hopefully this break will also lead the Workspace folks to the other missing machines.

If not, at least we got a LOL out of the whole incident.

  • Celebrating 30 Years of Very Stupid Monsters: Let’s begin with a reflection on a pastime that I’m sure many of us have engaged in: D&D. Church directed me to this Head Injury Theater piece concerning the Dungeons and Dragons Gallery of Shame. Vampire Frogs indeed!
  • That’s two: Nursehella was kind enough to tell me that she too will be trying out for VH1’s female rapper show. She’s making her way to LA for open auditions this Friday/Saturday. The nerdcore community wishes both ‘Hella and Router the best of luck. Give ‘em hell, ladies!
  • Best. Name. Ever.: Speaking of MC Router, the First Lady has recently posted a new song to her MySpace. The name of the track is “Game Cunt,” and it will be featured on Router’s forthcoming album. The release for said album is set sometime this fall, so be sure to peep the new hotness.
  • Total Recall: IllGill's new EP Internet Hate Machine is now available for free download in its entirety. The project features five previously unreleased tracks from ‘Gill, and was mixed/mastered by BOSSFIGHT’s own ZeaLouS1. The BOSSFIGHT family assures fans that you'll be hearing much more from IllGill before year’s end.
  • MC Schwarzenegger?!: Dan reports that earlier this week Austrian public radio did a feature about nerdcore. Apparently a TV producer also contacted him asking for clips of the documentary that he could use in yet another story. Stranger still, he’s looking to interview an Austrian nerdcore rapper. This, of course, begs this question does such a beast exist?
  • Now canonical: According to WIRED magazine, the term Nerdapalooza has officially made its way into recognized jargon. The noun, meaning “a music festival for nerdcore and geek-pop bands, featuring an international lineup of certifiably dorky acts like MC Gigahertz and 8bit bEtty at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, California” joins electromagnetic dominance and cosmic forgetfulness in this month’s Jargon Watch.
  • It was a dark and stormy night: Oddioblender has plans for a show in Arlington, TX this Halloween night at 7:30 PM. This fright fest goes down at the Dreamworld Music Complex and admission is a scant 8 bones.
  • But first: MC Frontalot plans to “rock the heck out of” The Javits Convention Center in Manhattan this Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM and then again at 5:30 PM. The show is part a of the technology consortium DigitalLife, so you’ll need tickets to get in. Prices for such tickets are quite reasonable, particularly if you are a student of an old person. Why not attend and bring your favorite senior citizen?
  • A unified beatscape: Jesse Dangerously’s newest CD Verba Volent just received a rave review in Exclaim! Magazine. Writer Thomas Quinlan remarks that the album “is certainly Jesse’s best work to date,” and goes on to praise Jesse’s flow and writing style. It looks like Jesse and the Backburner crew have done it again!
  • Fuckin’ up my Christmas: This article from Scientific American purports that “long-term, moderate consumption of alcohol improves recall of both visual and emotional stimuli,” but I’m guessing mc chris would reply that it simply makes you act like a dick. Behold as mc is accosted by a drunken Santa at last week I AM Festival. Apparently, the performance had its share of distractions, but I think mc did an admirable job in defusing the kind of situation that could have made for an uncomfortable holiday season.


Church said...

Congrats to Hella!

(But how weird is it that nerdcore will be overrepresented?)

Beefy said...

groan...clips from my very first show? why z? why!?!

Doc Pop said...

Z. said...

Here's hoping that 'Hella and Router both make the cut, Church. They've already promised some faux drama should they end up together. You just gotta love those two!

Sorry 'bout that, Beef. I was gonna link Church's "Internet Celebrity" video, but I saw that in the related vids and got all nostalgic.

That was great! LOLburglars are the wave of the future, Doc. :)