Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In the magical land of Oz

Though I'm pretty sure all my Australian readers are already aware of this - as they are, in fact, the two bastards performing - I'm gonna go ahead and suggest that any Aussies in the Newcastle area head out to check Grandmaster Pink and Diabolik at Bar on the Hill tomorrow evening.

The boys take the stage at 7:45 in the PM, so show up early and...


Is it... is it Thursday in Australia already? Am I posting this too late?

Goddamn time zones!

Anywho, assuming that it's not already, y'know, next Monday in the land down under, be sure to make an appearance and support Pinky and D. Shit, buy 'em drink.

They loves the sauce!


Church said...

Good luck!!

Or, congratulations!!

Damn, if Z. can't figure it out, how do you expect me to?

pinky said...

Ahahah, thanks for the love man :P

im actually shouted you out on stage, even plugged Hipster, please!, so i gotcha back.

you know word on the street is theres actually a few videos that RSI took floating around...


Z. said...

Glad to know I ain'y alone, Church. :)

And thanks for the love, Pink! Now lemme go peep them vids.